Coffee: Great for Mornings, Even Better for Dinner!

When most people think of coffee, they consider it the hot beverage that starts off your workday.

However, there are so many different ways to enjoy your beans. From cold brews and cappuccinos in the morning to that French café down the street, coffee is more than a drink – it’s a culture.


Coffee In Cooking

One of the most forgotten forms of coffee culture is through its use in culinary dishes. When used in cooking, coffee is a strong flavor that can be used in either sweet or savory dishes. Ground bits of the coffee bean can be used as a spice just like you would use basil or thyme. Brewed coffee from your coffee maker can be used to add a smoother texture to your dishes. You can even use the beans without crushing them. Chocolate covered coffee beans are a common snack that only involves roasting the bean and covering them in chocolate. They go great as a garnish, or even in a snack mix.

Add Coffee to Your Desserts

Coffee is known for its bitter taste, hence the use of creamer and sugar in your cup-a-Joe. For this reason, it is also commonly used in various desserts. Perhaps the most common coffee is the Italian tiramisu. In its most basic form, it is made up of coffee, eggs, mascarpone cheese, and lady fingers. In Japan, a common coffee dessert is the coffee jelly. It is made from a simple recipe of gelatin, sugar and coffee, and is enjoyable in a sweet cream.

Use Coffee as Seasoning

Coffee can also be a great seasoning for your main course. As a grind, it can be used as a spice rub for some tasty meat dishes. As a brew, coffee can be used as a braise and as a sauce or marinade. If you frequent Italian restaurants, you may know the savory dish known as Coffee Tagliatelle. This is a fettuccine-like pasta that adds flavoring from ground coffee. This coffee is added to the pasta dough, giving the noodles a stronger taste.

Coffee doesn’t have to be just a beverage. It is a flavor that can be brewed or baked, savored or stewed.  It can be enjoyed after an exquisite meal in a fancy Italian restaurant, or it could be enjoyed for a meal in your own dining room. To truly get the most out of your bean, you have to think outside of the mug.

What is YOUR favorite use for coffee?!

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  1. The photograph of the coffee mixing is amazing, I cant stop looking at it! It was nice to read different ways to enjoy coffee.

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