Cleaning by Week, Month & Year…with FREE PRINTABLES!

First of all, can I announce the winner of the digital downloads from Northern Whimsy? (It’s my blog, sure I can! HA!) So…Alli Rutherford Smith, YOU are the winner!!! Congratulations to you!!! Shoot me an email at and I’ll get ya all set up!

And now…

I’ll admit it. It’s nothing you don’t already know, so that makes it easier. I’m a clean freak.

Yes, it’s true. But, believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten much more relaxed than I used to be! (You can stop laughing any time now.)

Still, there are some things that are very easy for me to obsess over. For instance: when I sit down on the couch at the end of the day and I’ve worked the full time job for 8 hours and then the part time for 2-3 more hours and then I’m trying to work on the blog until I fall asleep and I look up and see the filthiness that is the set of sliding glass doors that lead to the Β back porch…I get a little agitated. Suddenly I notice dirt everywhere, and then I feel the need to get up and clean and then I’m tired and overwhelmed…you get the idea.

I tossed this around in my head for a while: how do I spread out all the cleaning that needs to be done across a week so not one day is more loaded than any other? How about across a month? A year? Hmmm…

You may remember when I solved PART of that problem a few months ago with my Weekly Chore List Printable. (If you missed that post, no worries, just CLICK HERE and you can check it out…and still get that free printable!) So that was that, and it’s been working pretty well so far. But I still needed to work on the cleaning items that needed to be accomplished once a month, or once a quarter, or once a year, even.

I searched Pinterest and Etsy and the blogosphere, looking for the type of printable I needed. Of course, when all else fails, I did what I always do: I made it myself.

So here’s what I’ve done: I’ve really just made a few simple and pretty lists!

Weekly, Monthly, and I’ve split the year up into quarters:




(I obviously have the other quarters, as well, I just won’t use the space to display them here!)

These are very simple, and they’re simple on purpose. I already have an actual paper planner/calendar, and I also have my Outlook calendar at work, so the last thing I needed was one more calendar. I mean, come on! What I wanted was to be able to space things out easily in a clean format, so this is what I came up with!

Now, the cool thing is, you can use these for just about anything. Notice that none of them say anything about cleaning anywhere. So you can use these for any of your lists, really! I hope you find them helpful! And pretty! (Because even if I don’t necessarily LOVE what I’m writing down, I’ll like it a lot more if I can write it on something pretty! I’m such a GIRL like that!)

And, for those of you who are just plain NOSY (don’t apologize, I’m right there with ya!), here are MINE!







Now you can see how I have everything spaced out! Have I forgotten anything? I sure hope not!

And now, for YOU!

CLICK HERE for the Weekly List
CLICK HERE for the Monthly List
CLICK HERE for Quarter 1
CLICK HERE for Quarter 2
CLICK HERE for Quarter 3
CLICK HERE for Quarter 4

Hope you all enjoy! Share with a friend, too! And Happy Friday!


60 thoughts on “Cleaning by Week, Month & Year…with FREE PRINTABLES!

  1. Very cool! It’s always helpful to have a plan! It sounds like you need to just hire a maid, though, honestly. You are a busy woman!

  2. I’ve been telling myself for years now I have to break down ‘wall washing’ into weeks. If I wash a wall a week including baseboards below then all would be good.. I love the calendar idea, I think i’ll write in week 1, week 2, etc.. with 2 large dogs, living in the woods and having a fired stove for heat surfaces are my enemy.. walls, ceilings, tables.. you name it.. I vacuum 3-5 times a week and the bucket is ‘filled’ every time! There’s just two humans living here.. What’s up with that??!!! I did get a steamer for Christmas and my friend suggested putting a cloth on bottom of lightweight Swiffer to wipe walls down in between cleanings, like dusting walls.. YOU are an amazing woman for all you get done and working multiple jobs.. I’m certain I’m twice your age and have never come close to how organized you are πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Kristen,

    I write down many of my household “to-do” list items as well. What I’ve also done is put personal “to-do” items in my business calendar as so that helps me stay on track a little better now-a-days.

    I can totally relate!!

  4. What you have done here is so smart! I was just telling my husband the other night that the month of June, I will attack something every day as we are moving out the last week of June. Deep Cleaning and I are not friends, but it has to happen. I really like this method!

  5. I’m pinning! You always have the best ideas when it comes to cleaning the home. Now, if you could just find me a way to have my house clean itself . . . Have a great weekend, Kristen!

  6. Really pretty list pintables. I like the fact that they don’t actually say ‘cleaning’ so they can be used for any purpose. Great organizational tool !

  7. You are so awesome at making printables! I’m just always so impressed! =) And I LOVE making lists so I will be using these! I try and spread my cleaning out throughout the 5 week days (and take weekends off). I usually just write what I want to do in my planner but these printables are much prettier. =)

  8. Ok, seriously? Your posts always are about things I need at that moment!!! Really!!! This is do helpful for organizing my to do lists! THANK YOU!!!

  9. So easy. I really like your idea of making your own. I wanted to make my own back when I did some spring cleaning but I opted not to – to save time. Way to go clean lady!

  10. I’m probably going to be hiring out a few of my bigger cleaning jobs this summer and a list like this will be perfect for breaking things down.

  11. I like how you break down your cleaning. If you keep on top of it like this, nothing becomes to overwhelming.Great way to organize.

  12. First you have gorgeous handwriting. Second this is an awesome way to clean so you don’t get overwhelmed by everything. third i’m so printing these out. Oh and thank you.

    • Well, I guess it depends on your home. We have a cat and a dog, so that affects my list a lot LOL Some of MY monthly chores are: cleaning the sliding glass doors, washing the washing machine, cleaning out the dryer lint trap, washing down the back porch, washing the master bedroom bedspread, wiping down the cabinets, cleaning the microwave, dishwasher and fridge and polishing furniture. But that’s just me πŸ™‚

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