Christmas Holiday Shelf!

Well, it’s December 11, and I’ve yet to share with you the new holiday shelf! I finally found the time to take some photos, so, without further ado, allow me to present the 2014 Christmas Shelf!


Are you singing it yet? “Silver and gold, silver and gold…” You get the idea! Yep, that’s kind of what I was going for!



Now, let me just say that my obsession with battery-lit candles is just as strong this year as it was last year! LOVE. THEM. So of course, you can see them in play here!


I had lots of silver and gold already, like these little silver baubles…


…and I found some gold ones to match!



I used this cross for Easter a couple years ago, but I liked it for this setup, too.



And are these not the cutest little ornaments?! (PLASTIC, so when CoCo the black kitty finally figures out how to reach this shelf, at least THESE won’t break!



I can’t remember why I have this butterfly, but I added it anyways!



And each of these silver trays came from my mom’s collection when I got married!




And here it is at night, with all the candles lit! So pretty and “glowy”!



The gold raffia-like piece in the background came from Hobby Lobby, and the gold and silver cups came from Goodwill, of all places!

So there you have it! The 2014 Christmas Holiday Shelf!

What do you think? Do you like the silver and gold combo?

41 thoughts on “Christmas Holiday Shelf!

  1. I definitely like the silver and gold motif! And those battery powered candles look really good–especially since you have a kitty who will figure out how to get up there sooner then you think!

  2. I always look firward to your holiday shelves. I read his wife earlier this morning but was at the doctor’s office so did not comment, then. I really love gold look this year!

  3. Lol….realized I had some typo in the comment….”his wife”? I meant, “this post”… Lol…not used to commenting from my phone but one of my kids is occupying my laptop!

  4. I LOVE the silver and gold theme! I’m singing the tune right now from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer cartoon……
    It’s glamorous without being too much or tacky, just right!

  5. It’s just beautiful! I love the silver and gold and yes, I’m singing along with Burl Ives from the Rudolph movie.
    I always enjoy your Holiday Shelf. Seasonal decorating makes the home so warm and cozy!

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