Chores That Should Be At The Top Of Your To-Do List This Fall

One of my favorite things all year long is putting out my Fall decorations! I LOVE FALL! And I love decorating for it! So I sometimes have to remind myself that, as fun as decorating for the season is, the important thing is to make sure you’re prepared for it.

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When spring hits, people are eager to get out their mop buckets and brooms to give their house a good cleaning. When it comes to the fall season, you should also get ready to run through a list of chores to prepare your property for falling leaves and colder nights.


Caulking windows

The moment that the balmy days of summer end, you will want to seal your window and door frames with caulk to secure your house from the chilly outdoor temperatures. This is a terrific chore to take on during the fall because the weather is more likely to be forgiving — the results may not be as effective if you apply it on a day that is freezing cold or blistering hot.

It’s important to remember that you will need to meticulously remove any previous applications with a putty knife or metal scraper and then wipe the area clean before you caulk your windows and door frames for the next season.

If your frames, windows or door panels are really run-down after years of use, weather-proofing will not do the trick. You may need to look to a professional window company in Kitchener like Golden Windows (or wherever you may be located) for necessary replacements. They have a wide selection of durable and energy-efficient options available for you to select.

They also offer information about home maintenance for windows and doors in Kitchener on their official website and blog so that homeowners can see how to keep their replacements in top condition, especially during bitter seasonal weather.

Clean out gutters and downspouts

Prop a ladder against the side of your house and pull the collection of dead leaves, sticks, twigs, moss, pinecones and occasionally garbage from your gutters and downspouts. The reason why this is one of the first tips to get your house fall-ready is that the chore will protect the roof from leaks and damage because clogged gutters will stop water from rain or melted snow from being directed safely away from the property.

Other tasks to put on your list

Every home has its own unique maintenance demands but if you need to know about more chores that prepare your home for fall to get inspiration for your to-do list, you should read the possibilities below:

  • Cover the outdoor air conditioning unit
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries
  • Have the roof inspected to see if there are broken, lost or warped shingles
  • Close down your backyard pool
  • Remove dead leaves, sticks and debris from the lawn
  • Put patio furniture and summer items away in storage

This next task can be very important, or not, depending on where you live, and hence is a separate task. Homeowners who deal with hard water issues have to deal with a slew of home maintenance tasks that can only be understood by those who deal with it! Fall is a great time to check on your system, replace some filters and even read about the latest water softener systems to see how your current system stacks up.

Clear your weekend to tackle this long list of housework so that you can finish it all in one go. You can get the family involved, giving the kids simple tasks like raking the leaves and pulling all of their pool toys, bicycles and stunt scooter into the garage. Once you have all of these activities crossed off your list, you will be satisfied that your home is ready for everything the season throws at it!

Does it feel like Fall at your house yet?

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