Chemical-Free Cleaning

When our twin girls started to become mobile, I suddenly realized that the huge task of child-proofing was looming ahead of me!

One thing I was SUPER concerned about was my stash of cleaning supplies. I LOVE to clean, and I love to have a clean house, but I got to thinking: what if one of the girls ingested some of my cleaning supplies? The thought made me sick to my stomach. It just wasn’t worth it! But how could I keep things clean without using harmful chemicals?

Thank goodness a friend of mine shared some information about NORWEX with me!


Now, the big deal when it comes to Norwex is their microfiber. 

Microfiber, you say? I mean…can’t you grab some microfiber at your friendly neighborhood Dollar Store?!

Well, yes, you can. But here’s the difference:

  • In order to be called “microfiber”, cloths must have fibers at least 1/10 the size of a human hair
  • Norwex microfiber cloths have fibers that are 1/200 the size of a human hair

WOAH! That caught my attention, for sure!

But the big thing that sets them apart is the fact that there is SILVER (which is a natural antibacterial) woven into each Norwex microfiber cloth. So, not only do they have a superior cleaning quality, but, once they clean something nasty up, then they KILL it! 

And maintenance of the cloths is simple – rinse and line dry, then it’s ready to use again! Wash in the washing machine once a month. 

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Norwex has an entire line of chemical-free cleaning products besides their microfiber, as well. I’m using so many of them in my home! They’re saving me time, money, and helping to save the environment, too! 

If you’d like to check them out, CLICK HERE!

And if you’d like to read more, I’ll be adding posts about individual Norwex products as time goes by. Check back at this page often for updates! Or you can always shoot me an email at if you have questions!