Celebrate Father’s Day – with JORD Watches!

We’re seeing the end of May right around the corner, which means that Father’s Day is fast-approaching!

When I think of Father’s Day, I always think of the year that I was about 9 years old, and my sister was about 3. Mom had taken us shopping to buy something special for dad, and we picked a very nice leather belt, with a cool buckle to boot. We were so excited to give it to him that weekend! When we got home, we hid our gift so he wouldn’t find it beforehand.

Except when HE got home from work that day, my little sister piped up with a very loud, “Oh, daddy, I need to show you something!” and disappeared down the hallway. I was helping my mom set the table for dinner, so I didn’t pay her much attention…until she came flying into the living room waving around the belt we had purchased for my dad and shouting, “Look what we got you for Father’s Day!” 

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper, and my poor dad ended up having to comfort two crying daughters while he still tried to convey his appreciation for the EARLY Father’s Day Gift!

These days things are a bit different. Each year, I try to figure out what my dad would like, and each year, he tells me he doesn’t need anything. I always find something to get for him, but he is one of the hardest guys in the world to shop for, I promise!

And THIS year, since my hubby made Mother’s Day (I called it a half-baked Mother’s Day, since I haven’t even given birth yet!) extremely special for me, I wanted to make Father’s Day special for him, too! So when Stacy from JORD contacted me about their line of watches, it was literally the perfect fit!

I’ve been following JORD for a while, because their watches aren’t like the average timepiece. JORD watches are made of WOOD.

And the fact that my hubby is a huge watch fanatic made the situation even better! He’s got about a dozen different watches: from sports watches to dress watches to one of those fancy Apple watches…but no wooden watches to speak of.

So, JORD sent me an absolutely BEAUTIFUL timepiece for my hubby! Check it out!


Obviously, the mechanisms are not wood, but everything else IS! 


And I really love how you can actually see the wood grain in the band!


This timepiece did NOT disappoint!

JORD takes so much care with their items, from the ordering process to the packing and shipping, so when you receive your watch, all the details have been accounted for. And it’s packaged so nicely, it’s perfect for ordering and shipping to your favorite dad, wherever he is!

JORD watches come packed in a laser-engraved wooden box…



…with a slide-off cover. Even if you choose not to store your piece inside the box, it’s the perfect “gift wrapping” for any guy! (They don’t care to waste any time with wrapping paper and bows!) And, it can be used for other keepsakes, as well!


A damaged watch arriving is nearly impossible, as each timepiece is packed with great care and many safety measures.



Also included with your watch are helpful care tips, the warranty information, extra links and pins and a specialized cleaning cloth!


My hubby was pretty thrilled with his watch!


Although JORD offers a detailed sizing guide on their website during the ordering process, when the watch arrived, it still wasn’t quite as he likes to wear them, so I ran it up to our local jewelers and they sized it with no issues.


It looks pretty nice on him, if I say so myself!


My hubby has had a pretty good time showing off his new watch to his friends and co-workers, because no one has ever seen one quite like it! And if there’s anything he likes, it’s being unique!


This particular watch is called the Dover – it’s the Ebony and Rosewood version – but JORD offers SO many varieties for the dad in your life! Check out their options by CLICKING HERE! OH! And they DO have women’s watches, as well! (In case you decide you need a little treat for yourself!)

Hey, but there’s more! JORD is hosting a GIVEAWAY! There will be one winner of a $75 e-voucher chosen at random and notified by JORD via email! Plus, EVERYONE who enters *(excluding the winner) will get a $20.00 e-gift card that can be applied to any watch on the JORD website! How awesome is THAT?!

—> CLICK HERE to check it out! <—

I would highly recommend JORD for this year’s Father’s Day Gift for the dad in your life! Not often do you come across something useful, unique and beautiful – and doesn’t dad deserve all that and more?! I think we all know the answer to that!

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39 thoughts on “Celebrate Father’s Day – with JORD Watches!

  1. This would be such an awesome gift. I got a jord watch not too long ago and adore it. People always ask me about it and it goes with just about everything!

  2. My husband reacts to metal he breaks out in hives so the backing where the watch battery sits I wonder is it wood too? I would love to get one for my husband for fathers day he’s always pointing to his wrist saying it’s time to go but he uses his cellphone for a watch it would be funny for him to point to a actual watch just once. Would make a great addition to a gift guide or wish list.

  3. It’s really nice to be able to give a dad something special this Father’s Day, especially when it’s as lovely as this watch. This is such a nice gift!

  4. Oh, wow! This watch looks so unique and cool! This could be the perfect gift for dad’s day! Thanks for the share!

  5. I love Jord watches! The one you have here is amazing. Very beautiful! I got one for my husband last year and he loves it.

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