How to Take Care of Your Custom Pool During the Winter

We live in Central Florida, where, most times, you can still swim in the pool in the middle of “winter”. But I know not all of the lovely readers here on this blog can enjoy that kind of weather year round! So let’s talk about taking care of pools for those who actually get to enjoy “a white Christmas”.

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With a great pool comes great responsibility, and true heroes shine when summer’s end approaches and it’s time to make preparations for upcoming cold months of winter. Once the pool builder has completed their job and given you a fantastic recreation space, you start to see that being a responsible owner includes constant care throughout the whole year, and especially during winter when temperatures can be harmful if the pool is not attended to properly.

Pool protected by a pool cover during winter months

Don’t worry, the experts at SoCal have been very helpful and shared some advice on how to best preserve your custom pool when warm days are over!

Get your systems ready

The time has come to end the swimming season and close the pool off, but before you do that you need to make sure that all the systems inside are completely ready. Water from heater, filter and pipes needs to be drained and the water level should be maintained to around 5 inches below the skimmer. The reason why you need to keep all the motorized parts dry is the danger of water freezing within and causing all sorts of problems. Don’t forget to keep the cover dry as well to avoid any freezing from above.

Chlorine, algaecide and enzyme chemicals

Add the chlorine and algaecide right before the pool is covered and sealed. Double-check the amount needed for your custom pool with a professional, so as not to add the wrong combination. This should be enough for the duration of winter and when spring comes you can open the cover partially to add liquid chlorine to prepare the water for the upcoming season. When the water is no longer frozen you can remove the cover completely and start vacuum cleaning the pool to clear it of debris and other unwanted elements. If you notice that the water is green, it means that the cleaning process didn’t succeed and needs to be repeated, so feel free to add another dose of chlorine and algaecide and do another round of vacuuming.

You would also need to deal with certain organic objects which animals or birds brought into the pool, or certain elements which just don’t belong there, such as one sunscreen which has been washed off from your body and remained in the pool. The best way to deal with this sort of situation is to use enzyme chemicals.

A proper cover

If you want to find the water in your pool in good condition, picking the right cover will go a long way in helping make that dream a reality. Simply covering the pool and moving on is not sufficient – you need to make sure the cover fits snugly and properly and that there are no gaps.

Keeping debris from your cover, which will inevitably be present is also important. Use an air pillow in the center of the pool in order to create a slope to send everything that falls onto the cover to the sides of the pool.

Regular check-ups are a must to ensure that cover cables and air pillows didn’t loosen up.

Mind the weather

Depending on type of weather in the area you live in, you need to protect your pool accordingly. If autumn was warm then it it is going to be much easier for algae to grow, so you need to adapt and add more chlorine.

Rain can also decrease the effectiveness of chemicals if you happened to use a mesh cover, so you need to make sure to adjust the dosage before temperatures drop low to prevent the growth of algae when the spring thawing begins.

Do you have a pool that has to be “put to bed” for the winter months? Any tips for us?

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