Can You Remove Black Mold Yourself? – A Guest Post!

Last year, we thought we had a BIG problem. We started noticing a lot of discoloration in the grout of our Master Bathroom’s large step-down shower. I’m a worst-case scenario kinda girl, and it took no time at all for me to have visions of all the nasty things that could be growing behind that tile! Before I knew it, I was certain the entire house would be condemned!

Thankfully, all we ended up having to do was have our shower re-grouted, and there was nothing monster-ish found. WHEW! But we learned a lot in the process!

So when Naveed Latif contacted me with a post about black mold, I thought it was quite important – we all need to know what to look out for in order to best protect our family, right? Here’s what she had to say, from a basement perspective! (But really, this goes for any damp area in your home!)


When your basement gets damp, conditions are ideal for the growth of dangerous black mold.  You may be tempted to try to remove the mold yourself, but is that really a good idea?  Black mold is very toxic, and its presence can pose serious health and safety risks to your home and your family.  Left alone, it can cause major problems very quickly.  If you are not a pro, it would be better to hire mold remediation services for your own wellbeing. The question here isn’t “CAN you remove the mold yourself”, it’s “SHOULD you remove the mold yourself”.  Yes, you can remove black mold yourself.  Should you? That depends on whether you are willing to take the necessary safety precautions to do it safely.

Basements and bathrooms are common places for mold to grow because they are moist and damp.  It’s important to know that black mold can form anywhere – on walls, on tile, on the floor or even on the countertops.  To find out where the mold spores are, you’ll have to get a test kit.  You can’t always see the mold, but a test kit will help you to determine where the mold is. 

Once you do the testing and find out where the black mold is, it’s time to get to the removal stage.  Before you do that, however, the first thing you should do is to ensure the area is well ventilated.  This is because mold is very toxic, and the solution you will be using to remove it can have a very strong smell.  It’s powerful stuff! 

If the mold infestation is small and concentrated, you can probably safely remove it with a simple solution of bleach and water.  If it’s a bigger infestation, however, you will need to invest in a commercial product that is specifically designed to take care of black mold. 

Whether you are using bleach and water or a commercial product, it’s absolutely imperative that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you are safe.  Remember that mold can very easily become airborne, putting you at risk of inhaling it which can make you very sick.  Don’t let the mold spores touch your skin, either.  To avoid contact with black mold wear a face mask and rubber gloves.  Next, always ensure that you thoroughly read the instructions before using any products to remove mold.  Improper use can mean that you run the risk not only of not killing the mold but can also pose some serious safety threats.

If you have discovered black mold in your home, it’s important to take care of it right away.  Know that you may have to follow the removal steps more than once in order for the infestation to be completely gone.  If you aren’t prepared to do that, or are worried about the potential hazards of mold removal, it’s best to call a professional in mold removal Pickering residents. (Or wherever you might reside.)  They have the tools, materials and knowledge necessary to ensure that your mold infestation is removed completely and with no risk to you.

I was happy to find out that we were able to do the work ourselves, if need be, but even happier to know that a job with a danger factor like this one could be taken care of by the professionals. Thanks, Naveed!

Have you ever had any kind of mold in YOUR home? How did you handle it?

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10 thoughts on “Can You Remove Black Mold Yourself? – A Guest Post!

  1. This is so timely.
    I have a post scheduled about mold in the attic for this Thursday. 😀

    I didn’t know about the test kits for mold. I sure would like to check our basement.

  2. We had a major mold problem in our house. It destroyed our bathroom, kitchen and part of our living room. Our house was really not liveable for months.

    If you have an area of mold bigger than a few square feet get help. Also correct any moisture or humidity problems or the mold will grow right back. Also, I was told by mold professionals not to use bleach to clean it up.

  3. The shower in our bathroom in not properly sealed, so we have to remove mold quite often. Thanks for the tips.
    Thanks for hosting the #homemattersparty and allowing me to co-host with you. It’s be an interesting ride. 🙂

  4. This was one of my biggest fears when we were living full time in our travel trailer. I was constantly trying to keep mold at bay because the windows would get a bunch of condensation which would drip and sit there. I was ALWAYS wiping the windows down! Gotta pin this one! Thank you for all this information and for having me as a co-host at the #HomeMattersParty!

  5. This is unfortunately so timely for us! We have an issue happening right now in the kitchen behind the dishwasher. We are trying to handle it ourselves but seems like we may be losing the battle! Thank you for the information and resources.
    Also thank you for having us as co-hosts for the #HomeMattersParty!

  6. Regularly cleaning your home with vinegar helps to prevent mold growing. You can mop your floor with vinegar each week. Regularly rinsing your bathroom walls with vinegar is also good. Vinegar is also effective for cleaning the kitchen. If you have a spray bottle of vinegar in the bathroom you can prevent mold by using it every now and again after a shower. Spray the shower curtain, walls, tiles, basin and bathtub after you finish showering.

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