I have ALWAYS been a calendar kind of girl. My high-school classmates still joke around with me about the planner I used to carry around – color-coordinated with a variety of colored gel pens and highlighters. (I wish I had saved one of those planners, I’m sure I would be pretty amused to see it now!)

I’ve used planners, wall calendars, desk calendars, phones, computer calendars…I’ve used them all. But in the middle of last year, I couldn’t find a system that was working for me anymore. After completely forgetting about several different appointments (which is very unlike me and VERY frustrating to me), I knew something had to give.

Since Google is king (buy your stock now, folks!) I decided to jump on the bandwagon. But the problem was, I do so much! Putting everything on one calendar was stressing me out – and that was NOT the point of the project!


So here’s what I did: I set up a few new Gmail email addresses, so that, in total, I had three: a personal email address, a business email address for my photography and a business email address for my professional organizing. Yeah, that took some work, but it was totally worth it – because each one of those email addresses is linked to a Google calendar.


I placed all my corresponding events on each Google calendar, shared all of the calendars with each other, and synced them all to my iPhone and my iPad. (Of course, I can view any of the calendars at any computer I’m at, as long as it has an internet signal. And, I can also print the calendars out in hard copy.)


Plus, I can customize each event very specifically, right down to color-coordinating it. Ya gotta love it!!!

Like I said, I did this in the middle of 2012, because my busiest months are October, November and December, and I wanted to have the system in place and working like a well-oiled machine before all the craziness began. And guess what? It worked like a dream! I’m so thankful!

I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone has to find a calendar system that works for them. But I’m also a firm believer in the fact that everyone needs SOMETHING. The world we live in is a crazy one, and it’s probably not gonna calm down anytime soon. Whether you want to remember your doctors appointments, the days your vehicle needs to be serviced or the birthdays of all your family members, use SOMETHING.

Those of you who already use something, what do you use? Do you like it, or are you searching for something else? I want the details!

See ya along the road,

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