Build Your Own Hamburger Bar…with FREE Printables!

If you read my post a couple weeks ago on Planning for the 4th of July, you’ll remember that one of the things I was going to feature during our Independence Day celebration was a Build Your Own Hamburger Bar. I was looking for printables to go along with the idea, but I couldn’t find any, and I was thinking about making some of my own!

Well, here I am now, with a lil’ recap of our July 4th activities…including details on the Build Your Own Hamburger Bar…and YES, FREE PRINTABLES that I created for the event!

**Disclaimer: as always, I somehow can never photograph the “final product” – which is agitating to me! I just get so caught up with making sure everything is perfect, and then when the guests start arriving, I get caught up in making sure everyone is comfy, and has everything they need. So…the following will just give you some kind of an idea of what it somewhat looked like.**


See those plates and napkins? That’s where my entire decor scheme came from. They look like burlap painted with red, white and blue! The cutlery holders are just tin cans, and the condiments are in Ball jars, and they’re tagged with…well, I’m getting ahead of myself!




I ran out of time before I was able to “skewer” the red, white and blue fruit, but the red and white fruit in a bowl still looks pretty festive!


I incorporated red, white, blue, burlap and summer into the tablescape…



So you get the basic idea, right?

Well, on to the printables, so YOUR Hamburger Bar can look even better!

Here’s what I’ve created:



Labels 2


Tags 2




You can download one or two or all of the above right here for FREE:

  • Hamburger Bar sign (including the red and white checkered, blue and white checkered and green and white checkered hamburger graphics) (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
  • Rectangular labels for burger fixins and side dishes (with some blank ones so you can write in your own items)Β (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ONE and TWO)
  • Round tagsΒ for condiments and drinks (with some blank ones so you can write in your own items)Β (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ONE and TWO)

And there you have it! There’s plenty of summer left! Will YOU Build Your Own Hamburger Bar?

53 thoughts on “Build Your Own Hamburger Bar…with FREE Printables!

    • HA! It IS a nice kitchen, I must admit. I wanted to make sure it was nice because I spend lots of time in there!

  1. How adorable! I just love your site every time I visit! So creative and fun, and who doesn’t love a good hamburger? Such a yummy and easy summer food and my son loves to be able to be in control and put whatever he likes on it! Thanks for sharing, great printables!

    • Yes, that’s the thing about burgers…everyone likes them different! I just made it easy on myself LOL

  2. Great job! I was laughing as I was reading the part about getting so caught up with everything and forgetting to take pictures. I do that way too much.

    Loved everything and the Printables are great!!

    • Thanks, Alli! In the end, people are more important than pictures…but it still agitates me LOL

  3. With as often as my boys request hamburgers, I could use this as a permanent setup. I cannot wait until we are moved and I will have room for this – they are going to love it.

  4. Okay so this is super awesome! We’re having a end of summer party this year and I look forward to incorporating this into my scheme! How Freaking FUN!

    • Oh sure! You could even do the little slider hamburgers and call them “baby burgers” LOL

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