Boutique Custom Closet Design and Organization Details

Do you have a favorite local boutique you like to frequent? I know I do! I love to stop in to see what’s new, purchase a gift for a friend or a treat for myself…or go home and tell my husband what I want for my birthday! HA!

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Some of the main reasons you enjoy visiting your local boutique shop are the inviting displays and beautiful designs they carry, and overall feel of the shop. By thinking creatively about the space you have available in your home you can have this feeling every day while also bringing organization to your wardrobe! If you’re considering incorporating the attributes you like most into your personal space, then these are the top features to consider when designing your unique custom closets.

Transformative Design Details

What truly makes a custom closet yours are all the small details that are incorporated into the layout and how they reflect what items you are needing to organize. It will have a design that takes into account what items you have an abundance of or which things you hardly touch. What differentiates a boutique closet is how it can make everything easy to find while also showcasing your personality by displaying the items you love. 

Jewelry Drawer

By having a custom drawer made exclusively for your personal accessory collection you can keep everything organized; from your favorite pair of earrings to the necklace that you forgot you have. Felt lined drawers and dividers will ensure that every item will be protected and separated. You may even consider having a hidden or locking drawer incorporated into the design to keep your most valuable possessions safe.

Shoe Rack

A feature that brings a real boutique feel is having a shoe rack. It may seem obvious, but how many of you have your shoes scattered across the floor or piled up in a corner. By having your entire collection on display you will never again deal with the frustration of not finding your favorite pair when trying to rush out the door.

Tie Rack

For the man in your life be sure to include space for a tie rack. The only thing more noticeable than a crumpled tie is a wrinkled jacket trying to cover it up. It can be a hassle to steam before leaving for the day or night, and it can all be avoided by using a tie rack to keep them organized.

Practical Design Elements

The design process of a boutique closet can seem daunting when trying to consider all of the features that will make your morning smooth. Below are three of the most requested and highly utilized characteristics found in luxury custom closets.

  1. Center Island

If you have the floor space an island can provide practicality and luxurious feel by being a place to house your jewelry drawer and somewhere to fold laundry. This can also be a place where you can bring the outside in by displaying fresh flowers arranged in a beautiful bouquet. 

2. Laundry Cabinet

Yes we know that your local store probably does not have a space for you to put your dirty laundry, but remember this is your home. Don’t let the day-to-day demands compromise the boutique look you have worked so hard for. By building in a laundry cabinet you can hide your dirty laundry while maintaining the clean, organized look and feel. Your hamper will be within reach, while staying out of sight.

3. Seating Area

Nearly all boutique stores have an area for you to sit while trying on shoes, clothes and other accessories. If you have not considered this in your layout it can be a great addition to incorporate. Think about how nice it would be to have somewhere to sit in the morning while putting on shoes.

Display Your Style

From beginning to end, your home should reflect you and your needs; this includes your closet. One of the other ways you can blend your personality into your house is through the color scheme of your closet. Add a pop of color to white cabinets with an accent wall, or have a rustic feel using a timeless wood finish. This is an area you can have fun with to display your décor style and show off your personality.

Another item you can use to further personalize your boutique closet is the addition of a fun area rug and other knick-knacks that you have collected over the years. When combined, all of these details are what will take the closet from a place to throw things before company comes over to the corner shop downtown that you can’t wait to visit each and every morning. If all of this seems like to much to take in, there’s someone who can help! Reach out to a custom closet installer, such as Top Shelf Closet, in Wilmington, NC for a free design consultation and estimate.

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