Biscuits & Gravy Casserole

I’ve had to learn to cook some new things since I got married. It’s a good thing that I’ll try just about anything, right?

We had quite the blend of food growing up at my house. My mom was a military kid, so her family moved around a lot, and she ended up loving seafood and Chinese. My dad was raised in Florida from the time he was 5, so he loved a few southern dishes, but his favorite was Italian, and he also was a fan of your basic meat-and-potatoes fare. That made for quite the variety at our house!

Now, my husband’s family are ALL southern. And they eat like it, too! I had never heard of putting gravy on your cantaloupe, or CHOCOLATE gravy, for that matter! Or drinking buttermilk with corn bread?! WHAT?!?!

I was familiar with the general biscuits and gravy dish, though, but recently I found a recipe that my husband LOVES. It’s a Biscuits & Gravy Casserole. Easy peasy, yummy, and sure to become a family favorite of yours, too! I found this recipe via Pinterest (surprise surprise surprise!) HERE, and I discovered that this particular recipe was created by the lovely Kelley over at Miss Information HERE. Definitely take time to go check her blog out – she’s got TONS of fantastic recipes! But I put my own spin on this one, so…

…let’s dig in!

Biscuits & Gravy Casserole

1 pound mild Jennie-O turkey sausage
1 2.64-oz. McCormick Sausage Flavor Country Gravy Mix
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 pint heavy cream
Salt & pepper to taste
1 teaspoon minced onion
1 can (16.3 oz.) Bisquick Bakery butter flavored biscuits
8 slices turkey bacon

Take a 9×13 pan and spray it with non-stick cooking spray. Then cut the biscuits into 1″ pieces…


…and line bottom of pan.

Brown the sausage…


…and scatter over biscuits. Sprinkle with cheese.


Whisk eggs, milk and cream together and pour it over the pan contents. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and minced onion.

Make gravy mix per package directions… (yes, cook it all the way to the end, just like you’re going to put it over biscuits)


…and spoon over the pan contents. It looks something like this:


Refrigerate overnight.

Fry and crumble your bacon and keep it overnight, as well. (Or you can do that in the morning, if you like – my preference is to get up in the morning and only have to pop breakfast in the oven, especially when we have company!)

The next morning, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Pop the casserole in straight from the fridge, uncovered. Cook for one hour and 5 minutes. (Keep an eye on it until it’s done to your liking – I like to see the top a bit browned!)


And there you go!

Sprinkle your crumbled bacon on top for the perfect finish.


Now I’m hungry all over again! What is your best southern recipe?

320 thoughts on “Biscuits & Gravy Casserole

  1. I’ve pinned this. Got to tell a tale on my Southern mother–she not only drinks buttermilk with her cornbread, she crumbles up the cornbread and puts it in the buttermilk. Makes my Midwestern daddy and me cringe! πŸ™‚ (Of course, I’m 43 and still refer to my father as “Daddy”, so obviously some of her Southern ways rubbed off on me!) To answer your question, simple butter beans is my best Southern dish.

  2. Yum! I have to try this soon.

    My favorite southern food is beans and cornbread – and it MUST be topped with lots of raw, diced onion, ketchup, and black pepper. I’m getting hungry just writing about it! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the post, and I hope you have a great week.

    Best Wishes,
    Lindsey V.

  3. My grandpa was from Alabama and he always put cornbread in his buttermilk. My husband was from Tennesse and he did the same thing. I guess I am a northern girl as I just do not care for buttermilk unless it is in a recipe like banana nut bread.

  4. My dads favorite is cornbread and buttermilk, but mine is cinnamon scratch cake in milk….that was a treat for us….have to say I’m a soup person, just about any kind!!

  5. I love cornbread crumbled in buttermilk! As did my Mother. Oh yes, please make your cornbread with buttermilk. So much better than made with plain old sweet milk!

  6. think there is anyway to adapt this to a slow cooker? or a stove top try with a camp stove? thinking this would be a great meal for a weekend camping trip!

      • I think this could be done in the crockpot, but I would lightly bake biscuits first, then layer, and cook. Also, I would shortcut the bacon with some packaged real bacon bits, especially if camping (and bring the already baked biscuits with you), and you could make all components separate and layer them but I’m afraid that would defeat the purpose of the casserole, which is convenience.

    • Valerie, you can typically adapt most dishes that are baked in the oven to slow cooker. In this case where most of the ingredients are
      already cooked you can probably slow cook…but for a short time. The eggs need to set and in a slow cooker I would probably test this first. Other words, I would not load up the slow cooker and leave it.

  7. I’m so glad you posted the recipe… ever since you made it for us, it’s a “craver” in our home. In fact, I think I’ll stop by the store tonight…

  8. This looks yummy, can’t wait to make it! My only concern is the large gap in cooking time, 30-45 mins…how can I tell when it’s done?

  9. According to my Dad, cornbread and buttermilk were a staple in their house growing up, but a treat was cornbread and sweet milk lol. I think sweet milk was what we would consider whole milk but never was really sure lol. My Dad also always put salt and pepper on his canalope, I prefer mine with a littler salt to sweeten it up some.

    • Patsy my grandmother put salt and pepper on her cantaloupe too! My Daddy ate cornbread and buttermilk until the day he died…and if we didn’t have cornbread he would crumble up saltines and eat it that way…you guys are bring back some good memories! I personally like to cook with buttermilk, and don’t enjoy it on its own. A great buttermilk tip is to put a small (and really don’t overdo) splash in scrambled eggs. Instead of cream or milk, use buttermilk and you will have the fluffiness yummiest scrambled eggs. Make sure to salt the eggs after they are set or they seem to deflate. Thanks for the great memories!

  10. My Mom was from Kentucky, she always crumbled left over cornbread in buttermilk and ate it with a spoon. My brother, sister and I didn’t like buttermilk. we started having our cornbread crumbled in a glass of whole milk. loved it then and still do.
    My favorite Southern meal is beans and cornbread. Makes no difference what kind of beans. We loved them all and again still do.

  11. I want so desperately to try this but fear the biscuits wouldn’t cook through while submerged in all that ooey-gooey eggy-gravy goodness… please help!

      • I haven’t made it yet, but it seems to me the biscuits would cook up with a kind of drop dumpling consistency, wet on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And I believe I’d make my biscuit dough from scratch too, especially if I was making it for company. (I know, I know, we’re just trying to take the easy right out of your recipe aren’t we Kristen. LOL)

  12. We already love a good sausage casserole, especially on a busy Christmas morning. This method is similar, but I love biscuits and gravy! I’ll try this soon! Thanks!

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  14. I was reading some of the comments on here and it brings back lots of memories. My granddad used to eat Cornbread and sweet milk every night before bed. Back in the day whole milk was sweeter than it is today, not sure why. My mom loved to drink butter milk but I never liked it but I love yogurt and she could not stand to eat it, crazy. I have made this casserole and loved it. I only made it for 2 so I halved the recipe but it still turned out great.

    • It was sweeter because it was fresher! I can tell how long milk in my fridge is going to last by tasting it for sweetness. And, I suppose because buttermilk’s use was so much more prevalent years ago, they were trying to differentiate between the kinds of milk. Many people today don’t use buttermilk at all. Did you know if you need buttermilk for a recipe and you are out, you can substitute regular milk by adding a tablespoon of apple cider or white vinegar to your measuring cup and filling to the 1-cup line (adapt if you need less).

  15. Do you think you could make this the night before and stick it in the fridge to put in the oven the next morning by chance? Would love to make for my kids before their 7 o’clock school time!

  16. I am from west Texas & my grandparents always had buttermilk & cornbread. So this casserole sounds great! I will be trying.

  17. I am making this in the morning! I have always loved biscuits and sausage gravy mixed with my eggs. I also love cornbread and milk together! I’m from Georgia! Sometimes I add onions and sometimes sliced cheese. Buttermilk however is gross to me but the only thing you can make biscuits with. I make my own buttermilk though using milk and vinegar.

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  21. I am from southern Illinois and my mother swears by buttermilk and cornbread. I remember her eating it for a late night snack when I was kid. I even used to eat it with her (but not now). I outgrew the taste. Her mother was from Kentucky so I guess that’s where she picked it up. My mother also eats mayo sandwiches…nothing else. Is that common in the south as well?

  22. I can’t wait to try this recipe. About the cornbread and buttermilk, my dad was from NC and grew up on this for breakfast and bedtime snack. One thing, they did not eat sweetened cornbread. He said my recipe for cornbread would be called corncake. πŸ™‚ When he was a kid they had biscuits or cornbread and only very occasionally yeast bread. My granny never bought sliced bread when they were children. He also loved to eat bread or biscuits with gravy. He would have loved this dish, I’m sure!

      • I thought corn cakes were pan-fried kind of like a fritter. I do know that what they call “country cornbread” is a heavier, unsweetened cornbread. Sweet cornbread is baked the same way, but has sugar added to the batter. Some packaged sweet corn breads are almost like cake.

  23. Wonderful. One of my friends brought it to church yesterday. Everyone raved. I just made one for tomorrow. Will pop it in the oven when I get up, after refrigerating all night.

  24. My husband loves biscuits and gravy. Being a Yankee, I never heard of this til I came to Texas. And certainly had not heard of cornbread and milk. But my Mom used to eat crackers and milk. She loved it. My siblings and I would just sit and watch and say, “Eww.” I think I will try this casserole. And I would like to try making it on a camp stove as it sounds perfect for camping. I bet a covered Dutch oven might do the trick.

  25. Thank you as a small child spending the summers with my Grandparents, I know I saw somene putting gravy on their catalope…………..finally It’s real, I saw it on the internet LOL

  26. My momma and daddy both ate cornbread and buttermilk…just like you would cereal, but NOT ME. However; my favorite “Southern” meal is fried fat back, fried corn and corn bread with LOTS of real butter and sweet iced tea…also gotta have a big hunk of onion to go with it…mmmmmmmm good eatin πŸ™‚

  27. chocolate gravy is also called sopping syrup, here in n.c. if you make homemade fudge you can make this ,it is just a bit thinner. leftovers,if there are any, when put in the frig will turn to a sugary cyrstally form,tastes good just like that or on a slice of bread.. mayo sandwiches were a treat for us as kids and still like them just not often.never could bring myself to drink buttermilk ,just the smell yuk, but it do make for good breads

  28. This recipe sounds delish. We will be trying it soon. My children and I eat mayo on flour tortillas with all kinds of food. not exactly mayo sandwhich though. As far as cornbread goes it is better homemade with buttermilk. I am a chef and even wowed the owner of the restaurant at my previous job with buttermilk homemade cornbread.

  29. I was raised in the South , to me there was nothing better then me and Daddy’s late night snack…. the leftover cornbread and “sweet” milk , which is just regular milk.I think I may make some cornbread today and then tonight for my snack have a snack and think about my Daddy ,,, miss him so much !

  30. My parents and grandparents (from Texas) both did buttermilk with cornbread crumbled in it! I like it in sweet milk. My Pawpaw also put s&p on cantaloupe.Another strange thing he did was put Breyer Rabbit molasses in his pinto beans ….my fave southern dish is Chicken n Dumplins

  31. Does this have an egg-y texture? Similar to an egg casserole? I ask because my husband swears to hate eggs but LOVES biscuits and gravy. I would love to try this recipe but am afraid if he suspects eggs, he won’t even try it. πŸ™

  32. Made this for church breakfast,
    and it was a big hit. I used regular sausage gravy mix, being fearful the peppered gravy might be too spicy.

  33. We are a family that loves egg gravy over pancakes so I had to give this recipe a try. It was a major hit and has become a favorite casserole . The only difference I did was I used 8 eggs instead of 6.

    • Well, I would just split everything in half, honestly. Just make the gravy and use half of it, and use 2 eggs. Other than that, half all the ingredients and half the cooking time, then check it. If it needs a little more cooking, then you can pop it in for a few more minutes!

  34. OK so ….I just made this and it turned out nothing like the picture so I thought by sharing my stupidity with others …they might not make same mistakes. First…use regular size biscuits…not grand…Second ….didn’t make it night before….Third….make sure you make the gravy same way as you would if you were going to eat it with potatoes…cooked,. well there are my mistakes. I will definitely try it again. looks too good not to. Thanks

    • Not stupidity at all, just a learning experience! I don’t think I have ever tried the Grands brand of biscuits, but it’s good to know they don’t work as well as you’d like. The whole make-the-night-before thing is probably optional…I just like to make things the night before so the next morning all I have to do is preheat the oven and pop it in! And yes, definitely make the gravy per package instructions, cooked all the way. That alone may have thrown you for a loop πŸ™ Thank you for sharing!

  35. I’ve got this in the oven right now…it is a cold November evening and this just sounded and looked deeeelicious! Thank you for sharing.

  36. I think hash browns would be good in it like the shredded kind. And you could brown them before then add to the mix. And I would serve this with sliced tomatoes. Because everyone from the south knows tomatoes are so awsome with biscuits and gravey

  37. My son is in South Carolina at Fort Jackson. He was just telling me tonight how much he loves biscuits and gravy. I am going to surprise him and make this for the first breakfast when he gets home. Thanks!

  38. Can I use canned gravy? Just trying to save cooking time. Also, if I make it in the morning and refrigerate until dinner, would that be long enough in the frig? I thought it might make a good “breakfast for dinner” meal.

  39. Okay, I’m a little confused with something. As far as the gravy mix. The recipe says to make the gravy mix according to package directions. Do you mean “cook” it then pour it over? I’m getting confused because all I see pictured is a measuring cup filled with stuff which does not indicate to me that it has been cooked. Had you shown a picture of it in the pan then I would not be confused. Help!! I can’t wait to try this! πŸ™‚

  40. Did you use 6 eggs and no cream or 3 eggs and 1 pt. of cream? The description of your recipe that shows up with the photo on Pinterst shows the 6 egg version. Another difference is that it does not mention the bacon.

    • Hmmm…I’m not sure about the photo on Pinterest…I didn’t put a description with mine, so that must be someone else’s pin. To answer your question, the original recipe is like the pin you’re describing. Mine is the 3-egg version. You can use the original recipe (I’ve linked to it here in the blog post) or mine, whichever you like better!

  41. Where can i find these biscuits .or can i use grand biscuits? I really want to make this tonight for tom morning, and i have everything else

  42. I just made this for tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the comments first and see that Grands biscuits don’t work as well. I had put extra eggs and heavy cream, so maybe that will help. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    • How did it come out, Trish? (I normally buy whatever biscuits are on sale, so I’m sure I’ve used Grands at one point or another…I don’t remember it turning out bad ever, but I know some of the comments had said so!)

  43. Is this in a 9 x 11 pan or larger? I’m going to have a HUGE crowd for the week of Thanksgiving and I’m thinking this would be good for one breakfast. Thanks!

  44. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve run out of ideas of what to cook and this really sounds good. I’ll have a happy boyfriend now because of this πŸ™‚

  45. Can someone who has made this recipe (with 3 eggs) comment as to whether it has a light, fluffy (omelet-like) texture, or a heavier gravy-and-biscuit texture? Thanks

  46. This recipe was AMAZING!!! When I first mentioned it to my hubby, he gave me a disgusted look (he hates trying new things.) Then he kept mentioning it, so I made it up yesterday morning and cook it last night for dinner while my parents were here. We all loved it (including my husband), my mom even took the recipe to make one morning during our Christmas break. I also LOVED the fact it called for Turkey bacon and sausage…I’m allergic to pork so I was super happy to see that!!!!

  47. OMG had this for dinner tonight, after the first bite my husband said “you will be making this again and don’t change a thing!” love it since I work 4-midnights and frequently do OT so nice to be able to make it ahead and then just pop it in the oven. It-came in real handy since I got home at 4am and knew I wasn’t going to want to make dinner tonight!

  48. I have made this a couple of times now, and of course love it. But I have never left it overnight. I just mix it up and eat.. still tastes wonderful. Thanks so much for this recipe. My boys who are very picky eaters even love it.

  49. I found this recipe via Pinterest. Do you know if it can be frozen? After having my 5th child 4 months ago, I decided that I was going to start taking breakfast foods to parents of new ones instead of regular meals! But I want to take freezer friendly meals. Thanks!

  50. I made this and it taste real good but the biscuits are like dough. I couldn’t find Bisquick biscuits.. We have Pillsbury and I figured I should of got them. But I got some new biscuits and they are like grands. I will make this one more time with pillsbury. If it doesn’t come out I will fry some hash browns to put on the bottom.

  51. Does this have a soggy/squishy texture? I’m prego and WILLget sick if it’s mushy. I think my husband would love this and think we might try it Christmas morning.

  52. THIS IS PURE HEAVEN ON A PLATE…..MERRY CHRISTMAS!! This is going on the Christmas table for brunch. I have made this several times and it is a hit! Love Love Love….this is my new tradition for anytime….trust me-it is that good.

  53. Made for the family Christmas Eve and refrigerated to cook Christmas Morning. I used the Pillsbury canned big biscuits and cut into about 1/4 pieces with cutlery scissors. I also used 2 cups schredded sharp cheddar cheese. I cooked the (regular) bacon in microwave about 8 minutes so be real crispy and put on paper towel in gallon size baggy and refrigerated along with the casserole. Next morning I removed the paper towel, left bacon in baggy and crusted bacon then added to topy of casserole and cooked as directed. Everyone absolutely loved this casserole and had to make copies of the recipe for the various family “cooks”.

  54. YIKES!! I didn’t cook the gravy first so when I finally saw the comment I rushed another batch and threw it on top. So far its looking good. Fingers crossed!

  55. This is delicious! I never leave it over night just because we cook it for dinner or breakfast. I don’t use cream it is to rich for our stomach’s. (With sausage & bacon) I use more eggs & milk (6 eggs & 1/2 milk) works great. I also add more cheese. I love the pictures & presentation of your rescipe. Keep posting!

  56. The packaged gravy…..yes recipe should definitely say, prepare gravy as directed, not mix the gravy as directed. The picture as well strongly implies you only have to mix and pour! Ugh hope it turns out, if not wasted money and no lunch πŸ™

  57. First time making this…. hope it turns out right. I quadupled the recipe and used 1/2 and 1/2 instead of cream. And i didnt do overnight bc its for dinner tonight. Fingers crossed!!!

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  59. I made this today (put together in am and cooked tonight.) Eggs all curdled and slimy, biscuits did not cook. I measured (which I don’t usually do) and it just looks gross. Smells wonderful, but what did I do???

  60. This is my third time making it I never use onion tho and this my 1st time making it with cream hope it turns out great

  61. how many men will this feed? I’m making this for the crew coming over tomorrow morning to help pour concrete!!!!

  62. Oh! My gosh how yummy it looks. Being from the south you know it has tl be good.Yes I will try it.Eunice Hamilton

  63. In my fridge right now. I also didn’t realize the gravy needed to be cooked, I just mixed with water. Wondering if it will still turn out ok?

  64. This is also a family favorite of our!!! In fact I have a pan ready to go in the fridge tonight for father’s day tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing

  65. Do I have to refrigerate it for a while before baking or can I just make it and put in oven right away? My family loves biscuits n gravy so hopefully it turns out good

    • You can try to put it in the oven right away, sure! Might have to extend the cooking time a little so all the liquid is absorbed, but I think it’ll work!

  66. How long do you think to refrigerate? I was thinking about this for dinner! My family loves breakfast for dinner! But I was going to put it together in the morning and then cook it in the evening. Didn’t know if just 5 or 6 hours was long enough to refrigerate?

  67. Kristen, speaking of buttermilk, can you substitute buttermilk for the cream in this biscuits and gravy casserole recipe? I happen to have leftover buttermilk, but no cream in the house. Thanks!

      • This is very good & the fact that you make it the night before & it’s ready to bake the next morning. The 9×13 pan feeds 6 adults. I used real sausage/not turkey sausage. I used 8 eggs/original recipe calls for 6. I used Grands butter biscuits & cut into eights. I flattened them a little after placing in pan. I baked for 45 minutes & it was a perfect breakfast casserole! Amazing how the biscuits bake & are not soggy. Fix & enjoy!

  68. So I have never used a gravy mix to make buscuits and gravy. I always just make it homemade in the pan with the sausage. So question is, do you have to add it on top in order for it to come out right? Or can I just make it like I usually do and put it right in with the sausage? If I did it that way, I should put the egg, milk and cream mixture first so I cooks into the biscuits properly?

    • I don’t think you HAVE to add it on top if you don’t want to! Putting it on top allows the “liquids” to be separated by the biscuits a bit, so it’s not too much of a mess. But I say make it the way you want!

  69. This is insane. Tons of comments and hardly any about the recipe. Isn’t the purpose of comments to comment on whether you liked the recipe or not? I’d like to try this but prefer feedback first.

  70. I tried this recipe and the biscuits turned out kinda mushy and doughy…. Is that how they are suppose to be? I was thinking about cooking the buscuits before hand so they are all they way cooked… What do you think that would do?

    • You could try that, Lacie! You are the first I’ve head of the biscuits turning out that way. You could also try cooking it longer, I suppose…

    • I baked the biscuits 10 minutes before adding the rest of the toppings. I may increase that to 15 minutes the next time. They got nice and brown on the bottom but not soggy on top.

  71. I just make the gravy out of the grease from frying the sausage, flour and milk and use that rather then package gravy. Tastes just as good or better and it saves dirtying another pan.

  72. Cornbread and buttermilk was my dad’s favorite snack. I could never do the buttermilk but I did eat it growing up with whole milk. (We always called whole milk sweet milk. Does anybody do that anymore?)

  73. I stumbled onto this recipe while introducing myself to Pinterest and can’t wait to try it this weekend. I have enjoyed the comments. My parents, husband and in-laws are from the south. I grew up with cornbread and buttermilk, biscuits and gravy, and lots of beans and YES…mayonnaise sandwiches with Duke’s mayonnaise. I remember my dad and his siblings putting salted peanuts in their Coca-Cola and drinking it.

  74. I made this but baked the biscuits for 10 minutes before finishing the assembly. It kept the biscuits from getting soggy. My Bible class enjoyed it very much.

  75. Speakin of buttermilk, when one if my children had a stomach virus his pediatrician told me to give him buttermilk in his bottle with the hole cut bigger in the bottle. Ugh! I don’t care for buttermilk, anyway I did and it actually stopped the nausea ! Aaaaah! Can you imagine that coming back up? It DIDNT!!! He was about a yr old at the time.

  76. I am making it but could only find McCormick gravy in a 1.15 oz package that mixes with 2 cups of milk. Should I use 1 package with 2 cups milk or 2 packages with 4 cups milk. It would be helpful to explain the amount of gravy yeilded in the recipe in case one needs to use another brand. Thanks! Anticipating a great dish!

    • You could really do either, Jennifer! It depends on whether you want your gravy to be excessive or just an accent. Some people like lots of gravy, ya know? Whatever your preference!

  77. Omg,so many comments!! I found this casserole on interest, which led me here. I’m Tennessee born and bred. Breakfast just ain’t breakfast without biscuits and gravy. A full breakfast is-biscuits and gravy, country ham with redeye gravy, eggs (mostly scrambled for many ppl or fried for just a few), and fried gators. It wouldn’t be complete without a garden fresh(store bought just ain’t the same) beefsteak tomato sprinkled with salt, and some fresh honey whipped with butter to smear on the one biscuit you saved from the gravy. Then you weren’t hungry for most of the day, lol ! Sometimes the meat would change. It could be thick cut bacon (if we were good, she’d sprinkle some brown sugar on it and broil it), country sausage or fried baloney. Yep, fried baloney is the bomb. I used to stay with my granddaddy all summer. I started pulling a chair up and frying it at the ripe old age of 3. Every day I’d ask granddaddy what he wanted for lunch and he’d always say fried baloney(I know it’s bologna but I feel safe typing the same vernacular I speak today) my mama and granny love buttermilk and cornbread every now and again but she usually eats hers with crackers. Mama was one of 10 children and country times were hard growing up. They ate a lot of crackers and baloney. Sometimes staying awake way into the early morning waiting for granny to come home with single package of baloney. Anytime you need some southern inspiration in the food category, feel free to hit me up…from biscuits to bitterness fried corn tightened with pot likker(lol, the way mama always wrote it) . Might I suggest a tn jam cake or hummingbird cake for your next southern dessert? And I got my granny old recipe for what she called ripe tomato ketchup. She canned it every year and o-m-g, if you ever had it with some beans cooked with a good smoked pork hock-you would never be able to eat beans without it again! Sorry I rambled on so long and I realize it’s an older post but dang I’m hungry now. I never liked buttermilk so I’d eat my crackers in whole milk while she ate hers. I think I’ll get me some now! Thanks so much for the recipe!! Can’t wait to try it.I apologize if there’s any misspelled words, punctuation or capitalization errors. Trying to peck as quick as my minds going and I just had surgery on my hand…… πŸ™‚

  78. And btw, I may be deeply southern but 23 years ago I married into a pure Sicilian family from New York. His mother came to tn to live with us for about 5years. In that time, she taught me to make all the Italian dishes and the stories as to why things were made the way they were . So I became proficient in Italian cooking also. Everything from meatballs, artichokes and eggplant to cannollis, tiramisu and ny black and white cookies(they call them half and half). It’s a wonder we don’t have behinds so big that we can’t get off them! I read something about you saying your husband has an affinity for Italian so I’d be more than happy to share a few recipes with you.

    • You know what, I sure haven’t. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen a gluten-free biscuit. Although perhaps if I could make some of those I could use them…

  79. Im a little confused. This recipe says 3 eggs, 1/2 c milk and a pint of heavy cream but original recipe and everyone on comments is talking about 6-8 eggs and 1/2 c milk, no heavy cream. Which one?? And the recipe here says an hour and 5 mins to cook but someone commented only 30-45 mins? Im no cook so I need help lol?!!

    • The recipe is how I make it. Others are just talking about how they modified it. You can make it the way I do, or add your own touches!

  80. Aftet the meal was over and the kitchen cleaned. We kids would go play and if we went back to kitchen we would find my mother sitting at the table eating cornbread crumbled in a glass of buttermilk. yuk Buttermilk always made me gag. I do love it in recipes as makes cakes, etc very moist.

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