Beat the Summer Heat With These Cooling Tips

It’s barely summer and I’ve just started saying it here in Central Florida in the past few weeks: oh my gosh, it’s so HOT out! I don’t know why I feel surprised – this happens every year, right?!

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Summer may be one of the best times of the year but depending on where you live, it can also be quite oppressive. If you live in an area where the mercury hits triple digits in the midst of July, August, and September, you can give yourself, your family, and your AC a break by following these summer cool-down tips. Some of these tips will keep your hotel room, vacation home rental, or other accommodations cooler while you and the family travel during summer vacation, too!


Block Out the Sun

Window coverings are made to give you privacy when you want and need it but did you also know they work to insulate your home all year round? In the summer, draw the blinds and curtains early before the sun beats in through the windows. This keeps the rays outdoors and the indoor cooler. It keeps the house warmer in the winter, too. When traveling, pull the drapes shut before you head out for sightseeing to keep your accommodations cooler, as well.

Think Utilities 

Prior to the summer months, have a professional HVAC technician assess your AC’s health. The AC requires maintenance just as your vehicle does, and spring/fall maintenance visits are recommended by most manufacturers. This ensures your unit works efficiently throughout the hotter months, which keeps everyone comfortable and your utility bills manageable. Also, swap out hot light bulbs for cooler and energy-efficient LED bulbs. You’d be surprised how much heat older bulbs generate!

Cook Cool

Another thing that heats up your permanent residence or summer vacation home is cooking. If you are on vacation and eating out, this isn’t an issue. When you get back, however, turning on the oven throughout the day and evening increases your indoor temperature. If you can afford it, install a luxury outdoor kitchen in your backyard. If you can’t, at least get an outdoor grill and use cooler cooking options indoors, such as the slow cooker and microwave.

Use Fans

Another way to stay cool all summer long is to use fans, including the bathroom exhaust fans when you bathe. Install ceiling fans strategically throughout your home, and use standing and window fans, too, if you need them. Window fans at night draw cooler air in, and you can reverse them and blow hot air out of the home when necessary. Bathroom exhaust fans keep the tub and shower heat and humidity down, so run them at home and while on vacation.

Cool Off

Finally, there are plenty of ways to cool down when you’re overheated, especially when you’re on vacation. When you get too hot, jump into a cool body of water, whether the swimming pool at home, or the beach, lake, or stream where you’re spending your vacation. If you don’t have a pool, hop in the shower and take a cold shower. If you suspect any of your loved ones or you have overheated, draw a cool bath and lay in it.

Of course, serious overheating must be addressed by medical professionals, so don’t take chances. And, whether home or abroad, always, always, always drink plenty of water – not coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, or alcohol – throughout the day and night.

How hot will it get where YOU are this summer?

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