Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Any Budget

When a room is commonly shared, like the bathroom, it can need some TLC sooner than other areas of the home. Damaged wall and floor tiles, old plumbing fixtures, and lack of space are all common complaints of older bathrooms. Whether you’re dealing with little problems, like outdated tiles, or you have bigger problems like limited space or damaged cabinets, below are some small bathroom renovation ideas to solve your problem.

Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

If your bathroom is otherwise intact, but you’re looking for an option to give it a more modern and up-to-date feel, an idea might be to upgrade the bathroom fixtures. This is an affordable task and can be completed on your own. You can check your local home improvement shop for the best fixtures. Suggestions might include swapping out the bathroom and bathtub fixtures along with updating the knobs on the bathroom doors and cabinets.

Get New Cabinets

Unlike a kitchen where you might need to install an entire set of cabinets, your bathroom likely only has one or two cabinets that need to be replaced. Therefore, this should be a lot cheaper to invest in. Though you could browse the web to see what your options are, the best solution for finding cabinets for your bathroom would be to check out a showroom. For instance, Gilmans Kitchen & Bath, a contractor in California, has a  kitchen & bath design Mountain View showroom you can visit. Then you can get a real visual on what the cabinets look like.

Install New Flooring

Floor tiles, depending upon the type of material you choose aren’t really expensive to invest in but can make your bathroom look brand new. Shop around for the best tiles for your floors. Remember to account for factors other than price like materials, ease of installation, and maintenance. Some of the more popular choices for floor tiles these days in bathroom renovations include ceramic, limestone, marble, slate, and travertine.

Get Creative with Storage

For some, it’s the size of the bathroom that proves to be difficult to live with. There’s not enough room for you to store things you commonly use, so it begins to pile up and look cluttered. You can easily get organized in your bathroom by being a bit more creative with storage space. Install shelves or a wall cabinet to maximize space. Adding a sink skirt creates a creative area to hide things like cleaning products or extra toilet paper. Lastly, hooks and wracks can also be added to keep towels that are in use from hitting the floor.

Update the Linens

If you’re really on a tight budget but want to spruce up your bathroom adding new linens is a quick way to do this. Put up new curtains and bathroom rugs to update your space. Even small changes like swapping out the old shower curtain hooks and putting in more fancy options can make an otherwise outdated bathroom look a bit more modern.

Add Décor

Personalize your bathroom style even further by adding some décor. Depending on the size of the space, you can add things like potted or standing plants, water features like mini fountains, candles, and even wall art. Sometimes, it’s the tiny details that make all the difference in the bathroom. 

There’s no denying that the bathroom tends to take the biggest beating in the home. It is after all where everyone in the household uses the restroom, takes a shower, and even preps for school or work. If you’re tired of looking at the same old bathroom but feel like money is an issue right now, review the above-mentioned options as many of them are affordable on any budget. These simple steps can give your bathroom a makeover that everyone can appreciate. 

Have you ever updated one of your bathrooms? What were your priorities?

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  1. I have been dreaming of renovating my bathroom for years now! It’s so old-school and the space is wasted. Thank you for the tips – we will start researching!

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