Basic Tips To Get Started With Aqua Aerobics – A Guest Post!

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Now, on to aqua aerobics. I do hope that those of you who were still experiencing snow as late as last week are now DONE with the snow, because I don’t want you punching your computer screen in frustration over this post about working out in a pool…

I (like many of you) am in the midst of trying to live a healthier life. I’m not completely overhauling my routine or doing anything crazy, I’m just taking notice of what I’m doing now that could be detrimental to my health and trying to make better choices! One of those choices I have made is to be more active! And I’m not quite sure I’ve found my niche activity. Oh, I walk about 2 miles a day, so that’s not bad. However, I’d love to find something that I would enjoy doing that is good for my fitness level, as well! (Remember, no matter how “domestic” I’m striving to be, I can do more when I take care of ME properly!)

Funny, how I’m looking for something interesting, when the lovely Kaitlin from An Apple Per Day contacted me and wanted to know if I was interested in her doing a guest post on Aqua Aerobics. As the discussion between my husband and myself over whether or not to get a pool continues, I thought it would be a great idea! And after I read the post, I was even more convinced that this had nothing to do with the picture I had in my mind of my grandma with her gal-pals in their swim caps and skirted bathing suits hopping around in the retirement community pool!

Kaitlin Gardner started to further her passion for a family friendly, green living lifestyle. She is married to her best friend and lives in Pennsylvania. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking, biking and enjoy nature. She just started her first book about living an eco-friendly, healthy, natural lifestyle.

Let’s see what she has to say about aqua aerobics, shall we?


I did it! I finally got my husband to join me for an aqua aerobics class. He had heard me raving about my classes for several weeks, and kept looking very intrigued. He finally asked one day, “So what is so special about these water workouts?” I could hear the challenge, so I just replied, “Why don’t you go with me one time?” He did!

Start slowly. I suggested we just try a basic aqua aerobics class. Because of the buoyancy provide by the water – the body only has to support about 50 percent of its own weight – there is a lightness with the water, which makes you not realize how much you’re really working. So I suggested that for my hubbie – take it easy! The other thing you don’t realize is that the resistance of the water means you are having to push your arms and legs pretty hard to get through the water. I showed my husband some great resources which gave details about working out in the water:

Decide on your exercise goal. This is an important thing to consider – what do you want to do in a workout? If you want a cardio workout, and wander in to the weight room, are you really where you need to be? There are a lot of options when it comes to working out in the water – you can get cardio by aqua jogging in the pool when the lap lanes are open. Or if you need to unwind and calm down after a stressful day at work, maybe tai chi or aqua jogging suit you better. If you want a rambunctious workout, try kick boxing, and for some spice, consider the super popular Zumba classes (still on my to do list).

Start with a class. If you just want to see the basic elements of a water workout class, consider starting with a class. An instructor will take the class through a well rounded group of exercises, and you’ll leave class with some cardio work, and be able to feel your arms, shoulders and legs and know you’ve had a great workout. The part that I like about the class is – it’s just a whole lot of fun. Everyone is really enjoying themselves, and over time people get to know each other, which leads to a real sense of camaraderie.

Try different things. If you try the class, and it doesn’t suit you – try something else. I’m confident you’ll find something that will suit you. Classes might not be your thing – then just try aqua jogging where you can get into your own world and enjoy the solitude of the lap lane.

Don’t overdo it the first couple of times. Because of the gentleness of the water, there’s a temptation to go further than your body is ready for, so take it a bit easy at first. I told my husband that, but he’s been a long distance runner for many years, so he didn’t think he needed that advice. He also didn’t think he needed to start with a basic class. He basically ignored most of my advice (not the first time – can I hear an amen, ladies?). He wanted to start with kickboxing.

Halfway through the class, after we had done a particularly long set of aqua punching and power kicks, I looked over at my husband. I knew he’d be sore tomorrow. He had done a great job of keeping up, and I could tell he had bled off a lot of steam. But it was starting to catch up to him. But bless him, he hung in there. At the very end, he just said “I see what you mean. I think I may do this again.” I just smiled.

Now, do YOU see what I meant?! Kickboxing? Has anyone ever done an Aqua Aerobics KICKBOXING class? (Not my GRANDMA, that’s for sure!) Does that not sound like a ton of fun?! (And suddenly, I’m remember that there is a YMCA complete with a pool right on my way home from work…) Thanks, Kaitlin, for a fitness idea that’s brand new to my brain!

What do you think? Have you ever done any Aqua Aerobics? Would you give it a try?

81 thoughts on “Basic Tips To Get Started With Aqua Aerobics – A Guest Post!

  1. So right, this is not our Grandma’s Aerobics anymore, even grandma would be proud of these new and improved classes and ideas for fitness. Yes, even in the snowy northeast we have fitness clubs and the YMCA, even schools with indoor pools, all great resources for every budget and year round splash activity. What a great read and just in time for people to start thinking about a better fitness routine in the warmer weather. I’ve got my fingers crossed on the great pool debate.

  2. My mother participates in water aerobics once a week at her local YMCA and loves it. So much so that when she does miss it she’s grumpy about it for a week!

  3. I have back problems, so I think an aquatic exercise class would really be beneficial to me. I should look into one this summer. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Exercising in the pool is one of my favorite things about summer! I usually run in the mornings and swim in the afternoons. Now I’m thinking I should switch things up and take a class! Great post!

  5. I like to go to aqua aerobics a few times a month. My instructor is also my zumba instructor and she really kicks our butts into shape. I can’t believe I was actually sweating in the water!

  6. Not to overdo it is a very good tip in this case. It is so easy to think you can handle more, especially in the pool. My husband would never take a class like this with me. Luck you!

  7. I have always wanted to do aqua aerobics but I am terrified of the water. Our last home had a pool and I could not go in it. It is such a great way to exercise so I hope one day I get over my fear.

  8. I always like to do the aqua aerobics when we are on our yearly beach vacation. I love the water and like that most resorts offer water aerobics. It’s a great form of exercise!

  9. I’ve done water aerobics and LOVED it! Most people may not realize that you are working out hard enough to break a sweat. It’s a wonderful way to get a good work out without abusing the joints and bones of a ‘delicate’ body. I have some serious problems with my back and need the work out without the impact, water aerobics is great for that.

  10. I’ve heard water workouts are fantastic! I think they’d be easier too than on land ones, and it’s almost summertime so woohoo why not! 🙂

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