Backyard Dreamin’

We literally have a blank canvas for a backyard right now, which is pretty exciting! But also very…confusing. What to do, what to do?

Our house is on a corner lot, so I think we have a bit more space than others around us in the subdivision, and there’s nothing in the backyard at all…but it’s also not fenced in. Making our two biggest outside projects on “The Master House To-Do List” fencing in the back yard and pressure washing/re-painting the house. And once the fence is up, anything goes! So I’ve been doing a little dreaming. Tell me what ya think of my jumbled ideas!

Let me add that we already have a screened-in back patio that we LOVE. We also have a brick patio off the screened-in patio that will turn into more of an entertainment area (fire pit, etc.). That’s why you won’t see those kinds of ideas in this entry!

On Gardening…

I’m not the best gardener, that’s for sure, but I love the “idea” of gardening. (I know, that doesn’t help much, does it?) But I’d really like to try to make a concentrated effort at least once more before I give up completely, ya know?

Herb garden in sunken pots: I would love to use more fresh herbs in my cooking than dried and bottled, but this is lots of work!


Edged gardens: I’ve never been one for edging garden areas with bricks and such – I like this clean look!


Great vegetable gardening idea: this way everything stays contained in one area…plus, it looks nice!


Log path: I imagine there being some kind of path in the yard that separates it into “quadrants” – a gardening area, an area for a shed, an area for the future kids to play in, and an area for a pool.


Shed: When I think of a shed (in which to keep tools and lawn equipment that will eventually out-grow the garage), I think of this…


Isn’t that beautiful?!

However, since this will my my husband’s domain, I’m pretty sure it will actually look more like this…


…which is fine, too!

Pool: We aren’t going to invest the money into an in-ground pool (I had NO idea they were so expensive until I started researching!) but we don’t LOVE the look of the above-ground pool, either. So…




I had NO IDEA that you could sink an above-ground pool! How neat is that?!

Obviously the kids part of the backyard will wait until we have kids and figure out what they enjoy doing outside, but you get the general idea for the rest of the space.

Whatcha think? What is your favorite feature of YOUR backyard? Anything you think is especially enjoyable?

Oh, and all my “research” for the backyard is being done on Pinterest…of course! You can FOLLOW ME, if you like! (And click on any of the above pics to be directed to their sources!)

20 thoughts on “Backyard Dreamin’

  1. I like all the ideas, now I suggest that even though you have no kids now… Make sure that whatever area you have with pool or recreation(party, event, activity etc.) may be preferably screened , Mosquitos are a killer…(mood and activity killer too)! Trust me!!!!!!! I have my little ones and even for adults it’s hard. I have been thinking my self how to close an area in our yard for entertainment!!!!! Boy I tell you! I sure want to enjoy the summer outside more often! ” just some food for thought!

  2. I love all these ideas! I was trying to figure out which one I like best but I just can’t choose! I think you have great taste! =) Oh, and I’d have a pretty shed because that’s where all my tools would go! Dreaming of the day I have to room for a work bench and fun things like circular saws!

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