Backpack vs. Over the Shoulder: Which Diaper Bag is Right For Me

First of all, don’t roll your eyes. You would NOT BELIEVE the amount of conversations in different online “mom” groups and forums that I’m a part of regarding diaper bags. They are totally an essential part of a mom’s wardrobe – at least the mom of young children. And it really can make or break an outing! If you know…you know!

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There’s a lot to consider when deciding on a diaper bag. Is this your first baby or do you have toddlers? Do those toddlers still need things to travel with them on trips? Would you feel more comfortable with a backpack diaper bag or would you prefer the over-the-shoulder style? Before you set your heart on a diaper bag, consider some of the following to help you decide which is ideal for your lifestyle. 


Messenger-style diaper bags are a great choice if you’re only planning on packing your baby’s belongings. However, if you have a toddler who needs to share diaper bag space, this may not be the right choice. A toddler’s clothes, shoes, and toys will take up more space. Will you carry your purse or do you want to put your items in the diaper bag, too? With a backpack, you’re more likely to be able to fit your things, baby’s things, and older sibling’s things, too. 


For most parents, the backpack is more comfortable than the messenger diaper bag. Weight is distributed to both shoulders, not just dangling from one. To some, the bag may feel lighter. A backpack allows you to keep both of your hands free. You can hold your little one comfortably,  push the stroller, or hang on to your toddler. There’s no bag dangling in the way.


A backpack may be seen as more casual than dressy. However, there are backpacks that are just as stylish, if not more, than the over-the-shoulder bag. Backpacks such as the black diaper bag with gold zippers at Azaria allow you to be fashionable and trendy. This diaper bag might be a perfect accessory. The matte black leather will go with almost any outfit and the gold hardware gives the bag a sophisticated look. If you’re a fashionable mom or if you know of a soon-to-be stylish mama, this diaper bag is a must-have for her wardrobe. 

When the girls were small (and I had a big twin stroller with a HUGE basket underneath) I used a regular diaper bag. As they got older and started to stray from the stroller, I started using a backpack…because I didn’t have to stop and grab anything – I already had it all! What kind of a bag do you use with YOUR littles?

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