Back to School with the Blogging Buddies Blog Hop – COMING NEXT WEEK!

I have NEVER posted TWICE in the same day before, so you MUST know that this is gonna be good!

I’m so excited to announce that, starting on Monday, I will be participating in a blog hop called “Back to School with the Blogging Buddies!” (A blog hop, in case you’re not familiar with the term, is a “series” of blogs shared on specific days from a group of bloggers.) Yep, it’s Back to School time, and 8 fantastic ladies have been working on posts to help YOU get off to a great start this year! Each of us will focus in on a special topic regarding going back to school! I promise, you don’t want to miss this!


So, just WHO are these lovely bloggers?

Dana @ Prudent Wisdom
Christine @ Virtually Speaking World
Kristen @ The Road to Domestication <— Hey, that’s me! 🙂
Esther @ Townships Mum
Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog
Nicole @ Oberbargain
Misty @ Denverista
Michelle @ Moms are Frugal

And I guess you probably want to know what we’re talking about, right?

Week 1

August 19 –  Going off to school for the first time (Esther @ Townships Mum)
August 20 – Back to School Lunch Ideas (Dana @ Prudent Wisdom)
August 21 – Going Back to Virtual School (Christine @ Virtually Speaking World)
August 22 – Back to school Organizing (Kristen @ The Road to Domestication) <— There I am again!
August 23 – Back to School Online Sales (Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog)

Week 2

August 26 – Review/Giveaway of Montessori At Home ebook (Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog)
August 27 – Back to School Supper Ideas (Misty @ Denverista)
August 28 – Teacher Appreciation Gifts (Dana @ Prudent Wisdom)
August 29  (Two Post Special!!)
– Back to School Book Activity/Printable (Heather @ Golden Reflections Blog
– Start Back to School Stress Free (checklist!) (Nicole @ Oberbargin)
August 30 – Homeschool/Starting school on time Ideas (Michelle @ Moms are Frugal)

You can see that we’ve got some awesome stuff goin’ on, and we can’t wait to share it with YOU! Hey, we’ve already been working hard – check out our special Back to School Pinterest Board HERE and follow along – we’re not done pinning!

So make sure you check in here every day for two weeks, starting on Monday! (Or just bookmark this page and come back to it!) I’ll make sure I note on my daily blog posts who you should “hop” over and see, or you can open your bookmarked link and check the schedule.

Are you ready?! It’s gonna be good!

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