Awesome & EASY Slow Cooking Rice with Minerva Dairy!

Did you know that January is National Slow Cooking Month? I’m a pretty big fan of the slow cooker, and I use mine often! So when the folks at Minerva Dairy sent me some of their yummy butter and asked me to use it in a slow cooker recipe, I decided that their butter really needed to be the star of the dish! 

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The dairy is America’s oldest family-owned dairy producing traditionally-made cheese and butter! For five generations, the family has used fresh farm milk, old-fashioned churns and wholesome ingredients to make their butter and cheese products. They also offer gift baskets and yummy meats and mustards!

With that said…on to the recipe!


I like cooking rice in my slow cooker. Have you ever tried it that way? I feel like, when I’m making a meal that utilizes rice as a side, I’m already using my stove and my microwave and my steamer for other things. Somehow it’s hard to get rice done in there, too, so I normally throw mine in the slow cooker. The result leaves me with two layers of rice: one that is almost the texture of risotto (which I love) and one that is a bit more firm (which my husband loves)! Both have an almost “sticky rice” consistency, but I can’t get those two combinations anywhere else but my slow cooker.

But I discovered, if you’re using your rice for a side item, Minerva Dairy offers the perfect addition! Smoked Maplewood Amish Butter!


Maplewood Slow Cooker Rice
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  1. 1.5 cups rice
  2. 2 cups water
  3. 8 ounces Amish Roll Smoke Maplewood Butter
  1. Line slow cooker with disposable slow cooker bag.
  2. Pour in rice, then follow with water.
  3. Cook on high for 3-4 hours.
  4. Add butter and stir.
The Road to Domestication
So why on earth would I use Minerva butter over the average butter? The best way I know how to describe it is that it’s like the difference between fresh eggs and eggs from the grocery refrigerated section. It just tastes better. It tastes fresher. It’s smoother. And I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s REAL and not full of all the extra junk that gets thrown into our foods these days!

The folks at Minerva also sent me a few other treasures…

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You just THOUGHT your waffles were good. Let me tell you something. You add some of the Maple Syrup or Cinnamon Honey butter to your waffles or pancakes or biscuits or ANYTHING else? You’ll NEVER go back to regular butter! And I LOVE using the Garlic Herb on freshly toasted bread to create “homemade” garlic bread! SO good! And convenient!

If you have a Piggly Wiggly near you, you can run by and pick up your own Minerva Dairy products for yourself! No Piggly Wiggly near you? No problem! You can ORDER their products directly from their website! Ya gotta love it!

You can find Minerva Dairy on Facebook (CLICK HERE), Twitter (CLICK HERE), Instagram (CLICK HERE), and Pinterest (CLICK HERE).

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14 thoughts on “Awesome & EASY Slow Cooking Rice with Minerva Dairy!

  1. I’m lucky enough to work less than a mile away from this wonderful dairy! There’s nothing like the Amish roll butter, it’s so sweet and fresh tasting! It makes everything you make with it or spread it on more delicious! And if you’re going to order the butter, you might as well enjoy some of their cheeses, they are the best!

  2. Smoked butter sounds amazing, I’d love to try that. I usually make rice in a rice cooker but I imagine that’s much the same to using a slow cooker.

  3. I haven’t seen minerva brand before, I will have to look for it. I am all about having new slow cooker recipes. Busy work at home mom of 3 over here, I need all of the time saved that I can have!

  4. We had a Piggly Wiggly by us when we lived in GA for a bit years and years ago. I shopped there because I loved the name, lol. I would try the cinnamon butter in a heartbeat!

  5. This butter sounds great, I’ll have to try and find it next time I am at the grocery store! I use my slow cooker at least once a week, it’s such a lifesaver!

  6. I have never tried any of these Amish butters before, but they do look like something I should get soon. The smoked butter sounds like a delight to the palate!

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