Around the House Organization Part II

So here we go with Part II of the Around the House Organization post. Remember, I’m taking a little walk around my house and photographing some of the “organizational items” I have in play, just to show you how easy it can be! In fact, you probably have some of these things in your home already! I’ll tell you a little bit about my thought process and reasoning, as we go along.

Let’s continue on in the kitchen.


For me, my potholders are too important to keep in a drawer…and I don’t like to leave things out on the counter. When we had our loaner fridge (for about a week in the process of moving into this house) it came with two silver magnetic hooks, and I had just hung the potholders on those for the heck of it. Then I figured out how much I liked them there! Arm’s reach from the stove, but not in the way of anything – worked perfectly for me! So I grabbed a couple of Avery hooks and stuck them up. (Oh, and the potholders are from Bed, Bath & Beyond)

Speaking of the fridge…


I love these magnetic silver clips, too! They are wonderful, and help you to remember things without cluttering your fridge too terribly. It’s a tad bit cluttered for me in this picture, but it’s gone down a little bit if you were looking at it today! I wish I could remember where I got those clips, but I’m sure you can get them almost anywhere.

I don’t know how you organize your coffee, but we have a Keurig, so we have all those little K-Cups that can get out of hand REALLY quick!


Here’s our little organizer for that. (You can see that my favorite is the tea!)

Now, as far as the drawers go…


I really do like these mesh bins/sorters for the drawers, I just need some more of them. Right now, they at least help to corral a few things. (From The Container Store)

And…since we are both pretty bad about leaving our keys laying about…


When we come in from work, we bring the mail with us, and keys and mail immediately go here. That way we know right where everything is. (I can’t remember where I got it from, but this little piece is right by the door from the garage into the kitchen, so it works beautifully.) Oh, and we keep CoCo the kitty’s collar here, too, for when we take her out. (Yes, she walks on a leash.)

And then there’s this:


This is my husband’s night-stand. I post this because he says, “Sure, I read your blog!” but I’m never sure if he actually “reads” it or not, ha! He’ll notice THIS, though, and I’ll hear about it. I’m not scared! I made an attempt at getting him organized here, but it’s not working out too well. Sometimes you just gotta leave well enough alone, right?

But sometimes he does a fantastic job of organizing on his own!


Yep, that was all him! Push the button, the light comes on and all the ties rotate. Pretty neat!

So you can see we’ve moved on to our closet.


I bought a whole bunch of these from Bed, Bath & Beyond several years ago, and they save SO much space! Because none of us can ever have too many clothes in the closet, right, ladies??? I LOVE these! They’re gentle on your clothes, too.

And you can tell we live in Florida by the number of pairs of flip-flops I own. These lovelies from Bed, Bath & Beyond help in organizing my flops!


So they’re all stored here. Oh, and slippers. I have lots of those, too, because I don’t love walking around our house barefoot.  (Actually, I look at this photo and I’m missing quite a few pairs…I’ll have to investigate that…probably the little furry black thief at work again…)

This is just your run-of-the-mill shower caddy…except I did a couple different things with it.


Our shower is deep. For whatever reason, they built it so you have to step down into it from floor level…to the tune of about 6 inches. Couple that with the fact that the shower head is very high in the shower, and the additional knowledge that we are not tall people, and you see why we don’t hang the shower caddy on the shower head, as it’s design calls for.

I will never forget the first shower I ever took in the monstrous area. The caddy was on the shower head at that point, and, as I stood under it wondering what the best way to get to my shampoo was without slipping and falling, the entire caddy shifted. HARD. Everything inside of it began to crash down on my head. The cat ran away in fright, and my husband ran into the bathroom in concern. That was the end of that. I ended up buying a pack of shower curtain rings and just securing it to the towel bar in the shower that way. Worked like a charm. I had also noticed some rust on the once-silver shower caddy, so I cleaned it up and then spray-painted it brown. Nice and rust-free now! If only I can remember where I got it…but again, this is one of those things you can find pretty much anywhere.

Here we have some more Avery hooks in use.


I do believe I have hooks on the back of every door in this house now! Ha! We don’t have any towel rods in the bathroom, so we use hooks. Some have said the towels don’t dry well on the hooks, but it seems to work in our space. We aren’t big re-users of towels, either.

Although we have double sinks in our bathroom, the drawers are all stacked on top of each other, in between the sinks. So we end up basically splitting the drawers down the middle. Why? Because we’re normally both getting ready at the same time, and if I were to have a drawer open and he needs to open another drawer, they basically cancel each other out. And lots of finger smashing happens, too. That doesn’t make for a good morning.


So we contain everything (the left side is mine, with containers from The Container Store) and the right side is his (with disposable food storage containers, because he wanted something deeper.) Each to his own, eh?

So that concludes a peek at some of our around the house organization. What’s your favorite organizational aspect of your home? I wanna know!

6 thoughts on “Around the House Organization Part II

  1. Ohh, I am so jealous! I need to hit each room of my house like this too! I have done parts here and there, but it’s a long way from where I want it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love getting a peek into you organization! I hove putting hooks up and organizers in everything! We live in under 1000 sqft (4 of us and two of “us” are small children with too many toys…) so we need all the organizational help we can get! Thanks for sharing these! =)

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