Around the House Organization Part I

I can’t even tell you how many times people tell me that they wish they could be as organized in their home as I am. I normally chuckle over this…because, believe me, I don’t feel all that organized. But I thought I’d take a little walk around my house and photograph some of the “organizational items” I have in play, just to show you how easy it can be! In fact, you probably have some of these things in your home already!

I’ll tell you a little bit about my thought process and reasoning, as we go along. Are you scared yet? HA!

Please note: I ended up with a few more pics than I intended, so, rather than blowing you away with photos, this has now become Part I of II.

This is our guest bedroom closet.


I keep it ready to go at all times (and the room itself), because, although most of our guests are “scheduled” we do live in Florida, and it’s hurricane season! This time of the year, we’re not sure what might happen on a weekly basis, and I certainly don’t want to have friends or family on their way over to stay with us due to damage on their home from a storm…and have to have them wait to take a relaxing bath because I have no clean towels ready! No special organizational items here – just being ready is key, though.


This is the hamper in our guest bathroom. When not in use, it folds flat, and I normally store it in the hall closet. (When left out for too long, CoCo the kitty likes to attack it.) I love the fact that it’s a great size, it fits right in the space by the sink, and it collapses and stores with no issues! (I picked this up from Walmart – it’s one of their Better Homes & Gardens brand products!)

One of these days we’ll get around to importing all of these CD’s into iTunes, but not today! Since both my husband and I sing, we have a little music area in our home office, and TONS of soundtracks. (These actually overflow onto another shelf, but I only took a pick of this rack.)


So, if you have TONS of music like we do, get yourself an iPod or another similar music player, download everything and you can basically store it in the palm of your hand, and be done with all of the CD’s…and yes…tapes. Remember cassette tapes? Yeah, we still have those, too. Gotta get those things transferred!

This is my best friend when I’m working on a particular project!


Sorry for the grain on the photo – I had to lighten it so you could see that it has pockets! Oh, and there are 7 of them, so it works great for things that relate to the 7 days of the week! I use this when I don’t want to cover our desk in the office with stuff. Helps me see things in groups without making a huge mess! (This is a Clever Container product)

Here’s our filing cabinet. (You’ve read things about this before.)


While documents are still relevant (which right now means that we’re filing everything that’s 2013 here), they are filed in this cabinet for quick referral. At the beginning of 2014 (WOW! Can you believe 2014 is NEXT YEAR?!) I’ll pull all these files out, scan them into digital form and file them on my flash drive. I keep a notepad at the front for notes, and extra file folder hangers and file folders at the back for easy access. This makes it easy to say, “It’s in the file” when one of us is looking for a particular piece of information. I’ve got to make some labels for it, but it’s just a regular filing cabinet that I picked up at Big Lots.

Now, let me tell you about the remote situation in our house.


And as I look at this photo, I realize that one is missing from the caddy, so, we actually have five different remotes. Why? My husband has to have his speakers and sub-woofer and that has a remote. We have the Dish Network box, so that has a remote. We also have a Roku (remote included) and we have a combo VCR/DVD player (with a remote). Oh, and the TV has a remote. That’s five. And for people like me (who had JUST mastered the old setup of all this stuff right before we moved) and have a hard time figuring out which remote makes what happen…and normally end up calling my husband in to get it working properly…it’s paramount for me to at least know I have all the pieces to the puzzle in one place. I’m finally getting the hang of it, when he reminds me that the house is already wired for surround sound, and he wants to get that set up in the near future. That means I’ll be back to watching TV on my iPad in no time! Anyways – a home for your remotes. Very helpful! (This is also a Clever Container product.)

A home for coasters is also helpful. Rather than having them spread about, we keep them all in one spot, so they all have a home.


The home looks a little empty, though…we’re missing a few. (Easier to tell that you’re missing some when they’re all in one spot, rather than going from end table to coffee table to other end table, counting.) Which means I’ll be on the hunt for them later. (Probably snatched by the original “cat” burglar who lives with us. I’m sure I’ll find them in her toy box where I normally find the things she “burgles”.) Oh, and I got this from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

On to the kitchen.

This is the inside of my pantry door. Eventually I plan on installing a nice modular system on the door for more storage and even better organization. However, until then, a couple of Avery hooks work just fine. We keep all the extra plastic bags, because you never know when you might need them, and the aprons are mine. (Although, if anyone knows of a very “manly” apron, do tell. I cannot get my hubby to wear an apron…which means I’m normally trying to get grease stains out of shirts!)


These are the BIG heavy-duty hooks. LOVE. THEM.

**SIGH** And these.


We are soda-drinkers. We have tried to not be over and over again. As of yet. we have not succeeded. But at least we organized the habit, right? (Strange logic, I know.) These racks came from The Container Store. Surprise surprise.

And I thought everyone had a spice rack?!


I guess not, because I get lots of compliments on this one! Obviously it doesn’t cover ALL the bases, but it hits the main ones, and I have a nice area in my pantry for the rest of them. From Bed, Bath & Beyond this came, as well.

So that’s the end of Part I! What did you think? Do you have any of these items? Did you get some ideas? Do you have any ideas for ME? Do share!

For even more great organizational ideas, check out the linking party going on over at Organizing Homelife! Fantastic group of posts there that are sure to inspire!

12 thoughts on “Around the House Organization Part I

  1. Thanks Kristen! I always love any organizational ideas, space is at a premium in our home!! Thanks for listing where you purchased the items. I’ve been looking for a can organizer for my pantry for a while. I’m going to use it for canned food!
    Also wanted to let you know, Lowe’s had “manly” aprons with their grilling items for Gather’s Day! I believe they were red with a black grill on the front. They were only $10!
    Love reading your blog!!!

    • You know what, I have no clue what it is, ha! It was like that when we moved in! It’s in the office, the guest room, and our master, too. The 4th bedroom has a different kind of wood, and everything else is ceramic tile. One day we’ll put wood down throughout – that’s our favorite!

    • I actually have one of those, Susan, but here’s the thing: I’ve got my eye on an entire modular door unit that I want to purchase and add to the pantry. So the less holes I drill in the door now, the better! (I don’t love the plastic bags on the hooks, either…just my temporary “fix” for the time being!)

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