And over on Pinterest…

Pinterest has been keeping me very busy these days! And no, I’m not at all complaining! I try to pin for about 15 minutes each day, and of course, I pin things from blogging friends and from my blog, too! But I wonder if my technique is similar to anyone else’s? (In case you want to see for yourself, you can find me by CLICKING HERE!)

Here are my first 9 boards…

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.32.31 PM

My Recipes – On the Road to Domestication: This one’s pretty obvious
My Projects – On the Road to Domestication: This one’s pretty obvious, too
Our Home Tour – On the Road to Domestication: Okay, third obvious one, right?

Lovely Photos: I pin photos that inspire me, photos that I want to “copy”, and favorite photos that I’ve taken on this board. Oh, and tutorials, tips and tricks, and pretty much anything photo-related.

Sweet Treats: You KNOW I LOVE to bake! So this board is for anything that would be categorized as “baking” or “candy-making” or anything of the sort. Anything SWEET.

Blissful Organization: Organization ideas for all areas of life can be found here! (And thank goodness for Pinterest’s feature that notifies you if you’ve pinned something before! I’d be up the creek without that!) This is one of my favorite boards!

Genius Gardening: One day my yard will look like some of these pins, I promise!

A Variety of Treasures: Sometimes I’m not sure where to place a pin, but I know I want it! Here’s where they go! So you never know what you might find on this board.

Inspiring Quotes: I do love a good quote…or a funny one! I try to update my Facebook once a day with something inspirational, so this is where I keep my treasure trove of quotes.

Here’s another 10!

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.48.54 PM

‘Tis the Season: All things Christmas!
Color Schemes: These help me with designing printables and I also send them to my photography clients to give them ideas for outfits.
It’s all About Love: All things Valentine’s Day!
Risen Indeed: All things Easter!
Non-Sweet Treats: Obviously, this is the board that’s the opposite of the “Sweet Treats” board! So anything that I might make for dinner, anything that’s savory, not sweet, is here!
Gloriously Gluten-Free: Self explanatory, right?
Berries Galore: Remember, I was born and raised in the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World! So here are all of my favorite strawberry things!
Lucky Duck: All things St. Patrick’s Day! (St. Patrick’s Day is also my hubby’s birthday!)
Cuppy Cakes: My dream job is to have a cupcake bakery, so this board is dedicated to that!
Tested and Proven: When something I find on Pinterest actually works well for me, I like to share it with everyone! (Because sometimes you never know if a pin will actually WORK or not!

And another 10…

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.57.28 PM

Firecrackers it Is: All things 4th of July!
Future Dwelling Dreams: We all have ideas that we would like to incorporate into our home. One day we hope to build “our dream home”, and these pins are all about that!
Fabulous Fall: All things Fall-ish!
Divine Decor: I get lots of inspiration for my holiday shelf from these pins.
Simply Summertime: All things summer-y!
Rockin’ Crockin’: All things that could be done in the crock pot
Pretty Parties: I love entertaining! So anything that would help with any kind of party I might have is pinned here!
T is for Travel: I LOVE going places. So anything that goes along with that, goes here.
Socially Acceptable: Anything Social Media, SEO, helpful to blogging is pinned here. I really need to take some time to READ all this.

And 10 more…

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.03.38 PM

Just for Me: Sometimes there is something that I see that’s just a little selfish. That I want to remember just for me. Here it is!
The next five are pretty self-explanatory, too: Dining Room, Kitchen, Laundry Room, Garage and Living Room
Springy: All things having to do with Spring!
Free is for Me: Anything free, especially free printables or papers
Two more self-explanatory ones: Bathroom and Closet

And the last 10…

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 9.09.56 PM

Guest Room/Bath and Office…another two self-explanatory ones!
Placid Pools: Different ideas for above-ground pools
Master Bedroom: Well, yes, that’s what it is!
The Newest Thing: All things New Year’s!

The last four are newer ventures, as you can tell by the number of pins…

Smoothie Queen: Recipes for healthy smoothies!
Third One’s the Charm: Recipes that only use 3 ingredients
Clean as a Whistle: All things cleaning! (Figured I needed a cleaning board since I have an organization one!)
Pop it Like it’s Cake: My mother-in-law bought me a cake-pop pan, so I need to gather some ideas on how to use it!

There you have it! That’s what’s happening over on my Pinterest profile! 48 boards, 6,340 pins, 1,086 followers.

48 BOARDS. My goodness. Is that too many? How many boards do YOU have? How do you organize them? What are your favorite things to pin? I wanna know!

74 thoughts on “And over on Pinterest…

  1. The more followers I get, the more I pin. I pin for myself, but I also try to find pins that I think those that follow my boards may like. I try to pin for a few minutes every day, too.

  2. Hi, my name is Shirley and I am addicted to Pinerest. My addiction is not as bad as it once was but I am on Pinterest several time each day, not for long at a time though. I have 99 boards (OMG!) I shall now schedule some time to consolidate some of those. Pinterest is one of the largest traffic sources to my blog.

    • Okay, I feel better about my 48 boards now LOL (To be fair, I had more, but I deleted some right before I did this post because I went through and realized that either I wasn’t using them or I didn’t need them anymore). Yes, Pinterest has been AWESOME for my blog!

  3. Wow, you have a lot of boards lol Ok I have no room to talk, between all of my Pinterest accounts…and yes I have multiple…I’m probably pinning to around 40-50 boards. It’s an addiction!

  4. 46 boards, all arranged alphabetically (I’m only slightly OCD!) and I’m sure there are more to come…. All because Kristen introduced me to Pinterest πŸ˜‰

  5. Pinterest is awesome for finding so many great things– but I often get sucked in so far, it’s hard to get out. Following you now.

  6. This post makes me thing, I really need to redo my boards. I love Pinterest so much! Not only for all the recipes, but also the party ideas, and craft tutorials!

  7. I sometimes feel like I don’t know where to place a pin as well. I have tried to reorganize my boards and man that was one heck of a job. You look like you have a very nicely organized pinterest page.

  8. I love pinterest too, so much fun and helpful too. I have many boards too. Some obvious, some for special projects and some for things I do not know where to put (like interesting). I also love the just for me board. Sometimes things are a bit private πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh boy!!! At first I was like, she has a LOT of boards, then I went on my profile, got distracted and started to pin. Forgot when I went there to begin with. Then came back here and realized I was looking to see how many boards I have….lol So far, I have 43 boards lol I’m going to catch up to you soon!

  10. I probably need to spend more time on Pinterest. I use it to promote my site but I don’t usu sally use it beyond that. I recently did a major remodel of my kitchen, living room and garage and I was stalking Houzz all the time, LOL.

  11. I honestly don’t get into Pinterest like others do, which is strange based on my profession. But that is exactly why – it’s like image overload for me I and I yearn for words when I am browsing. Your boards looks amazing from these pictures. I hope you don’t mind if I go follow you

  12. I have a pinterest account but I never use it! I’m too afraid of how much I’ll love it and I’ll never get off of it! lol! We’re planning to buy a house soon, though, so I may have to get back on to start pinning ideas for our new place! Great job at organizing your boards!!

    • Amber, I have to say that Pinterest was VERY helpful to me when we were going through the process of buying our house…and still is with house-related stuff! Just put a limit on how much time you spend on there, and you’ll love it!

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