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(Originally published on October 9, 2012)

This has become somewhat of a running joke between a few of my friends – Kristen’s “Trunk Baskets”. But some are honestly interested in the process, so, here goes!

Several years back, when I was a full-time college student, “nannying” for triplets and their baby brother (all boys), directing the Kid’s Choir at church, singing in the the adult choir at church, leading worship for the College & Career Group at church, freelance writing for Focus Magazine, and attempting to still  have time with family and friends, not only was I in my car more than any other place, but I was LOSING things left and right. There was just too much stuff for all my activities to keep up with. It really was ridiculous, and I was so tired of feeling unorganized every single day!

Sooo…to The Dollar Tree I went, and I purchased 6 plastic bins/baskets. Of course, back then each bin was assigned a different task than today’s, but the basic idea was, anything for school went in the school bin. Anything for “nannying” went in the nanny bin, anything for writing went in the writing bin, and so on and so forth. Worked like a charm! Plus, it freed me from having “stuff” slide all over my back-seat every time I made a turn…I REALLY hate that!

Yes, I still employ this system today! Check it out!


1. Shopping & Errands (You can see the re-uasble shopping bags there now, but if I have any items that need to be returned, or I’m trying to match fabric etc., all that goes here)
2. Action Items (This is pleasantly empty at the moment, but if I am running food to a new mom or clothes to the seamstress, etc. here’s where these things go)
3. Emergency Items (First Aid Kit, spare pens and paper, air fresheners, sewing kit…it all goes here)

4. Photography (You can see my camera bag here now ready for today’s shoot – what you can’t see is the packet of proofs that’s underneath the camera bag, ready to be delivered)

5. Clever Container (As you may notice, I have an envelope here, ready to be delivered to a hostess today)

6. Work (This is the basket I carry in to my full time job and then back home with me every day – my briefcase of sorts. Don’t you love the lunch box???)

7. I like to leave some space open for whatever may come up! And, generally, all of these bins can be stacked in one row across the back and leave room for larger items, like packages I’ve picked up or groceries I’ve made a run for.

It’s also great to look back and see how many of these baskets are empty at the end of the day. That makes me feel accomplished! And it works the other way, too – a quick reminder of what I still need to get done!

I hope this is helpful for everyone! It’s very easy to toss whatever is needed into its corresponding basket, and then, I know exactly where it is! No more losing things in the car, wohoo!

What does YOUR trunk look like?

22 thoughts on “An Organized Trunk

  1. I keep a laundry basket in my trunk – it makes it easier to carry in all the shopping bags at once, specially since having a toddler and a newborn doesn’t allow for multiple trips to the car.

    • That is a great idea! I had a large cooler in my trunk once when I went grocery shopping and had to put groceries inside of it when I was done. That WAS a quick trip inside, come to think of it. I believe I shall implement your idea, as well!

  2. What a brilliant idea! And I like the laundry basket idea for shopping. I hate making million trips to the car. Especially when it’s cold or raining! You guys are so smart!

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