A Very British Birthday – with FREE PRINTABLES!

In the midst of my family descending upon us for the holiday weekend on the 4th of July, we decided to throw a little party for my cousin, who is now taller than me (well, that doesn’t really take much, but it’s still sad) and turning the big 15! In trying to come up with a theme, I remembered a special trip she made for her birthday last year to see the lovely 1D (One Direction). I didn’t know too much about them (I’m familiar with their song “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”…that’s about it), but I decided I had found my theme!

My research began. And here’s what I came up with.

You’ve seen my dining room:


So I decided to do a tad bit of decor there. In the process, I rediscovered these fabulous items at Party City:




What are they, paper fans? I don’t know, but it’s SO easy to pop them open and hang – these and paper lanterns are my faves right now!

I added some decor around the window, since I still don’t have window treatments for it:


The string of white lights came from Hobby Lobby, more paper fans, and I downloaded and printed the bunting from Liz at Simply Creative HERE! (You really should check out her blog, she’s pretty awesome!)

I added some printables into the mix, of course! (You KNOW I love a good printable!) I keep white and silver frames on hand, just for displaying printables, so I chose the silver this time. (Click the pics for links on Pinterest to where I snagged the graphics!)




Cute, huh? I scattered these around the food table!

Oh yes, the food. When it’s a family dinner like this one, everyone brings a dish to contribute, but, since I had planned the menu, I was able to have some place cards ready for the offerings!






Yes, I had to look up their actual names to do this (oh, these are the names of the guys in 1D, in case anyone was wondering), but I found it rather fun! The paper came from Hobby Lobby and the little embellishments came from Liz again over at Simply Creative HERE! (I’m telling you, she’s GOOD!)

I threw in some red, white and blue party-ware from Party City


…found these cool drink dispensers at Walmart (I’ve been wanting drink dispensers forever!!!)…


…and baked the birthday girl’s choice of cake: Strawberry Lemonade!


This recipe was taken from Two Peas & Their Pod HERE. My icing didn’t turn out as theirs did, so I turned it into a fashionable “naked” cake with a glaze, instead! Resourceful or desperate? You be the judge! The birthday girl was good with it, so I was good with it! (The cake got rave reviews from all in attendance, too!)


So that was our British Birthday! Hope you enjoyed!

What was the theme of your last birthday celebration? Any grand ideas for future parties?

24 thoughts on “A Very British Birthday – with FREE PRINTABLES!

  1. I love this! Very clever and fun…and way to fit the birthday girl. Everything turned out adorable…and I would definitely say RESOURCEFUL! I have just recently discovered Hobby Lobby and am in love with that store. I can’t wait to check out Liz at Simply Creative. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  2. That happy face says it all :).
    We just celebrated my son’s 20st birthday, it had to be a strawberry banana fruit cake, like always. I write the number with bananas and surround them with strawberrys, it is a tradition.

  3. Love the theme! I haven’t had a birthday celebration in a while. My daughter is a big One Direction fan and she would love this. Everything looked delicious and the birthday girl looked like she was having a lot of fun. Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. So fun! I love the One Direction food, so clever! I love themed birthday parties. It’s all those little details that make it so fun. She looks so cute in front of her yummy looking cake. Good job!

  5. love the theme as well! my daughter’s requesting for the same theme for her birthday that’s coming in 2 weeks! would you share the printables? thanks 🙂 god bless you..

  6. Kristen, sorry to be so “dumb” about it but when you go to the printables link, are you buying a poster of it? I’m lost as to what to do when I get to that page.

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