A Trip to World Market

I first learned of World Market from Emily over at Decor Chick. In one of her posts she was listing details of her husband’s birthday party, and she posted a pic from World Market, where she had visited for supplies. Immediately I Googled the store, feeling sure there wasn’t one anywhere around me, since I had never heard of it, but hoping…just hoping…

Just over an hour away from me, I located one. Wow! I was excited! I told my husband that night that I wanted to go to World Market. It was a new store I had discovered, I said. I got an eye roll…until I pulled up the website and showed it to him. He decided he might want to tag along. So, a couple Saturdays ago, we headed out.

We found this particular World Market in a HUGE beautiful new shopping center in Winter Garden. TONS of other stores – it was totally worth the drive!

When we entered World Market, we found out not only that they have a lovely rewards/coupon program, but they even do events in the store (they were doing a wine tasting that particular day)! How fun! It was pretty busy in there, but not so busy that you couldn’t move around and see all the treasures they had to offer.

At our store, when you walk in, looking to the right you can see just about any kind of gift packaging that you can imagine.


Pass by that to the linens…





…and one of my favorite organizational tools: BASKETS!


At this point, I was understanding the name “World Market“. This store is such an eclectic mix of items from so many areas, it seems…it’s pretty neat!

Something that I really loved was their selection of specialty beverage products! I’m really not sure it could be beat anywhere else.



And THIS was really neat – you could custom-create your own soda 6-pack!


I’ve never seen so many vintage soda pops anywhere else! What a fun bring-along to a party, or even a great prop for photos!

Quite a variety of decor and household items were in stock, too.


I especially loved their assortment of furniture pulls and knobs. These were just beautiful…but after a while of not knowing where I could even use them…I had to pass them up. I’m okay with that! (Or so I’m telling myself!)

I even discovered some “pretty” things, like jewelry and scarves and accessories!


I also really liked their selection of kitchen items.


These little whisks are great for adding onto wedding gifts as charms!


And they had tons of beautiful aprons, aprons to match anyone’s kitchen, I’m sure, complete with towels, oven mitts and more. Beautiful colors and combinations!

The thing I mostly enjoyed about this store was that they have the things you would expect in, say, a Bed, Bath & Beyond, but in very non-traditional styles. For instance, cake pedestals:




Take your pick!

It was really a great store! I would encourage you to locate one in your area, and if you don’t have one, check out their website at www.worldmarket.com. If you’ve been looking for “something” for your home, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something lovely there!

Have you been to World Market? What’s your favorite feature of the store? What are some of your other favorite stores we should visit?

26 thoughts on “A Trip to World Market

  1. I want to go somewhere like that. I’ve heard that there’s an Asian market where we live and I’m been dying to check it out. I hope its as wonderful as that one you’ve showed. Beautiful!

  2. We had one when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. We loved to go and visit and browse around all the neat things they had. Been a long time … I’ll have to see if it’s still around when we visit next.

  3. L.O.V.E. World Market…fun, fun, fun!!! I always shop there for stocking stuffers at Christmas. They have some really great things in their grocery department that you can’t find in the regular grocery store. I could do a lot of damage in that store all-the-way-around if I had the money to spend…


  4. It is funny that you mention the drawer pulls and knobs. I look at those every time I go but always convince myself I have no reason to buy them even if they are all so unique and fun looking!

  5. Oh, I LOVE World Market! I stop in there for anything unique – a fun pair of earrings or a new wok or neat wine to take to a party, really anything! We have furniture from the store and I am OBSESSED with their basket selection. My husband has banned me from buying any more baskets until we move! Maybe my basket collection is taking over our house…

    This was a fun post to read and I bet a fun post to write!

  6. I miss World Market so much! I used to live just 10 minutes from one back in AZ, but once I moved to TX there isn’t one for hundreds of miles! It’s just awful! This post has awakened a really need to go travel the world.

    • Oh, don’t be sad! Just order online LOL And you know what, I take lots of pictures everywhere – I don’t notice anyone giving me any funny looks…but that’s probably because I’m not paying attention LOL

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