A Trip to the Rolling Pin Emporium!

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For those of us who enjoy all things food and kitchen related, I highly recommend that a local gourmet kitchen store be found. Yes, you can get the essentials from your local Target or Walmart, and your local Bed, Bath & Beyond will give you a bit more variety. But an actual gourmet kitchen store is a MUST, as far as I’m concerned.

The closest gourmet kitchen store to me is about 45 minutes away, and it’s called The Rolling Pin Emporium. There is only one location, so it’s not a chain, and I think that makes me like it even more!

Check it out…

They have your normal items…like every size and type of cake pan you can imagine!

photo copy

They have normal items with a twist! Like ceramic pie plates…mini ones!

photo(3) copy

And mixing bowls of all sizes…


…and measuring spoons…beautiful ones!


Wouldn’t those make a great addition to the bow on a gift for someone who loves pretty kitchen things?!

They have great collections of items, such as a collection of things for your favorite BBQ-er:


Or a collection of the best knives found in the state…


Should I tag “meat cleaver” in this post and see how many views I get? HA!

They have some familiar items…

photo(4) copy 2

…and some items to give flavor to familiar items!

photo(2) copy 2

Seriously, have you ever seen so many flavors of coffee syrup in one spot in your life?!

And guess what? At my store, you can actually take cooking class, baking classes, even cake decorating classes!

photo(2) copy

In the one going on while I was there, these folks sat and watched the chef in front of them prepare the meal, and then they got to eat it! They could watch her work as she stood in front of them, and they could glance at the flat-screen TV for up-close details – fantastic!


I’ll be the seats right at the bar are the expensive ones!

You can taste items that you can take home and make yourself…

photo(1) copy

…or you can purchase ready-made treats!

photo(3) copy 2

Okay, now I need some chocolate…

Another great thing about this store is, if they don’t have it, they’ll order it for me! (But you know what? They normally have it!)

I love the ideas I get when I go in here, and I can pretty much always find that crazy thing I’m looking for – it really is wonderful.

You can check out The Rolling Pin Emporium‘s website HERE, but I encourage you to go on the hunt and find a kitchen store that’s close to you! It’ll help you spice up your kitchen, your cooking, and get you excited to prepare meals for your family and friends!

Have you already found a kitchen store like mine near you? What’s it like?

24 thoughts on “A Trip to the Rolling Pin Emporium!

  1. I LOVE unique, one-of-a-kind, non-chain stores like that! I just recently discovered that we have a cute little shop on our square (I’m kind of new in this town). It was awesome and had all sorts of unique kitchen items and decorations. So fun!

  2. Cool shop! I so love those decorative measuring spoons. 🙂 This store sounds like Sur La Table and William’s Sonoma …those are the stores I like to frequent around here. Fun, fun, fun…

    Life With Lorelai

  3. Wow. I could really make a dent in my husband’s paycheck in that store! It is probably a good thing there isn’t anything like that close to here!

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