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It’s Day #2 of the Back to School Blog Hop! Today it’s Dana’s turn to share over at Prudent Wisdom! Check out her post on Back to School Lunch Ideas HERE! Yummy!!!

Now, I must tell you that I LOVE HomeGoods! But I don’t get to go as often as I used to, because, since we moved, the closest one is now about 45 minutes away. (And when Hobby Lobby is just 15 minutes away…well, you can see where I spend more time!) However, we were in the neighborhood over the weekend, so here’s what caught my eye:

I have been LOVING white dishes lately.


Maybe it’s just that they look so crisp and clean and elegant, or because they’re neutral…I’m not really sure. But I DO enjoy them!

photo(1) copy 3

They’re just fabulous, as far as I’m concerned!

Here’s something else that’s been catching my eye:


Is that not beautiful?! Maybe because I’m thinking of switching the living room over to gray, white and yellow…or maybe because of the pretty white pattern, I don’t know. But it’s cheerful and fun and I like it!

And this color combination is another one I’m liking – the teal and red. (You’ll hear more about teal and red decor from me by the end of the week, by the way!)


But then I found one I liked better…


Is that not one of the most wonderful pieces you’ve ever seen?! So unique and “flowy”! This is one of the accent colors in our Master Bedroom, so I was thinking about using it as a jewelry tray…

…until I saw THIS one.


This one looked like it was MADE to go in our bedroom…and I WANTED IT.

Until I remembered that we have a cat burglar (literally) living with us. CoCo the kitty loves to snatch things off the dressers and the nightstands in the dead of night. (In fact, she once stole my engagement ring off the nightstand. After about 30 minutes of panicking and crying and threatening her life, we found it. In her toy box. Durn cat burglar.)

So then I decided that serving her up jewelry on platters wasn’t a good idea. Pretty as it was…it just wasn’t a good idea.

Speaking of CoCo…

photo(2) copy

…Are these not the cutest?! None for cats…all the more ammo I have in my arsenal for my fight for a puppy!

And I know you’ve heard of chalkboard labels, but what about jars that come with chalkboard labels already on them, and chalk to boot?!

photo copy

That’s pretty nifty!

But just what is a “Kitchen Kong”? Anyone have one of these?

photo(1) copy

Does the gorilla actually help with the whisking?

Never mind, I found FALL stuff! Fall is my favorite season! And what I’m really liking this year are all these bundles of wheat.

photo(3) copy

photo(1) copy 2

photo copy 2

It’s kind of funny that I like the wheat so much…when in real life I’m allergic to it. HA!

I didn’t end up purchasing anything, because, until I get INTO Fall and into the season of entertaining, I won’t know quite what I need. And I refuse to buy things if I don’t have a specific purpose already set for them. Then they just turn into clutter, and I can’t stand clutter!

Plus, I was a little distracted on this excursion…

photo(2) copy 2

**SIGH** Boys will be boys!

Do YOU have a HomeGoods near you? What’s your favorite part of the store? If you don’t have one near, check out their blog HERE, and don’t forget their Pinterest boards!

37 thoughts on “A Trip to HomeGoods

  1. I love love LOVE Homegoods but there is not one near me at all! When I moved from Chicago to Durango Colorado, I lost a lot of great stores. Now I have to go to Albq or Phoenix to shop and with 2 little ones, that doesn’t quite happen!

  2. I’m digging that monkey in the whisk! Too bad Home Goods is a go-zillion miles away in another county. One con of living in the burbs of Atlanta is everything is sooooooooo spread out. Great, now I have to go to TJ Maxx because of you…LOL!

  3. Sadly enough, I have no Home Goods near me. You are very lucky! I love looking through their food section which often has organic items, and I’m very into healthy and organic.
    Looks like you found some inspirational things.

  4. We just got a Home Goods, but I haven’t had the opportunity to explore it as yet. Better leave the money at home!

    As far as that Kitchen Kong goes… I’m not sure what the gorilla is supposed to do, but it seems to me he would present a cleaning problem. The way his fists grab around the whisk just looks like a place for crud to get stuck. YUCK… I don’t want old crud whisked into my new food.

    Live-in Cat Burglar…sorry, but I love it. LOL

    Love the chalkboard label jars and the fall stuff. Our weather has been so weird…and cool, that we have hardly had any summer. It feels more like fall here and I am starting to get in a fall mood already. In fact I told Luke just last night that I was feeling like I should get started with drawing my pumpkin carving designs.

    Life With Lorelai

    • Yes, maybe leave the money at home the first time you go, ha! And I wasn’t too sure about that Kitchen Kong, either…there must be some purpose that I’m missing…or maybe it’s for serious animal advocates. And you are welcome to borrow the Cat Burglar for your own amusement anytime. This morning’s antics included knocking the canister over on the bathroom counter to snatch as many Q-tips as she could carry in her mouth… And please send some cooler weather this way!!!

  5. I love HomeGoods!! We don’t have one in close enough proximity to New Orleans, but when I travel I always make sure to find one to stop at. My favorite parts of the store is the furniture and pet stuff!!! They always have great deals on accent tables and the dog clothes are sooooo cute!


  6. Fall is my favorite season too! My husband and I tied the knot up in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of fall because of my love of the fall. I love it so much I have turned my summer loving husband into a fall lover. so I definitely think those wheats are really cool. I am going to have to find a home goods and check it out.

  7. That’s one of my favorite stores. I partially decorated Madison’s room from there. Whenever I go to TJMaxx it’s always the first place I run to. It’s only about a 20 minute drive and I go there at least once a month. Great stuff and great prices too. You got some great shots!

  8. Oh my gosh I love that first tiered tray you pictured – the yellow one! I have been looking for a tiered tray that I like FOREVER and that yellow one would be perfect!! Darn darn darn!!! How come I can’t find one like that?!?!??! GR!
    I have a Home Goods not too far from me (one that does not have the yellow tiered tray I might add). It’s about 25-30 minutes or so. That used to be the closest shopping center we had and we would go there almost every weekend but ever since we got a new shopping center built in our town a few months ago (that’s literally five minutes away), the other one seems so far! The new one doesn’t have a Home Goods though, it has a Marshall’s which is just as cool (it would be COOLER if Marshall’s had that yellow tiered tray but noooooo).

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