A Peek at the Week!

Well, I’ve talked about calendars here before, but this is just a little bit different. Sometimes everyone in the household needs to see the whole week in a quick glance, and when I found the free Peek at the Week Printable from the i heart organizing blog, I was thrilled! It was just what I was looking for! I’ve been using it ever since! (If you don’t follow Jen over at i heart organizing, go do it now! She’s awesome!


At the beginning of each month I print these out for each week. I like that it’s colorful, so it’s pretty eye-catching, even for my husband. He doesn’t ask many questions about plans or meals for the week anymore, because he knows it’ll be listed and posted on the fridge. And oh boy, if I forget, he doesn’t have a problem reminding me! I’m rubbing off on him!

You simply fill in what week it is, go through the calendar and mark any specific activities that might be taking place, and I really like the box for “next week” – that’s especially helpful for me to remember birthdays and photo shoots!

The “to-do” section is quite helpful to make note of certain tasks that need to stand out in the week, and of course, the “to eat” is fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been asked the question, “What’s for dinner?” Wonderful! And also the spot for “to buy” right next to the meal, in case I happened to forget anything at the grocery store for that particular dinner.

I don’t really use the “thoughts” section at the bottom – maybe I’ll start putting a quote in there each week? A scripture? Something to remember? That might work!

Do you have some kind of a weekly household plan such as this one? I’m always open to ideas! I’m hoping to have an entire message center here soon!

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  1. One of the first things to consider with a planner is how you will use it. I love the weekly planner because I am not longer working out side of my home. When I must deal with appointments, I highlight a ling on my weekly planner so that I will see it. Sometimes in my hurry to get things done, I overlook things. Writing it down helps. Highlighting it reinforces the item. Setting an alarm makes sure that I get there early/on time. The “Peek at the Week” form is terrific for that. When I need to use a “schedule” I use an undated “Daily To Do” page in my planner. My planner “lives” on a corner of my dining room table So I can refer to it through my day.

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