A Patio Reveal!

So…I’ve been working on our back patio for a while now. And as I sit here working on this post, I’m suddenly disappointed, because I realize I don’t have a “before” photo. Geeze! Does anyone else do that other than me? Get so excited about a project that you dive headfirst into it without any documentation? I must get better at that…

But in the meantime, let’s just use our imaginations, shall we?

Let’s imagine a brick patio that was mostly black from never being cleaned. Where bricks were missing and cracked and uneven. And where ants roamed like they built the patio themselves. That’s what we found when we bought this house a little over a year ago.

But I had big plans for the space! And when we finally fenced in the yard, I knew I could do whatever I wanted to out there, so I got started. And here are the results…


Allow me to take you on a tour!

Herb Tier 1:


I’ve really been wanting to cook with a lot more fresh herbs and spices than dry ones, so here’s where I’m beginning!

Basil…as far as I’m concerned, this one smells the BEST!!!








…and Chives!


These two window boxes are my experimental boxes!


You can see that right now there’s not too much experimentation…other than some pitiful impatiens left over from the front porch. **SIGH**


And, although you cannot “see” her, the blinds are parted there because CoCo the black kitty was watching me photograph, ha! Anyways, window boxes: I’m planning on putting some squash in one, maybe…and something else in another…I’m kinda clueless at this point. I’m gonna go troll the local garden shops and see what there is!

I put some aloe out there, too, because who doesn’t need aloe?!


And that aloe is actually the only item planted in Herb Tier 2, so I have plenty of room to continue adding herbs and spices!

Then, there are the plumerias.


My mother-in-law gave me these, and the fun thing is, we don’t know what color the blooms will be! I can’t wait to see! They’re growing beautifully!


And then there’s my hibiscus. I really need to plant it in the ground – I’m not sure it’s gonna do too well in this pot for too much longer!


And does anyone know what kind of plant this is?


My husband brought this with him when we got married, ha! It’s growing so nicely – but I WOULD like to know what exactly it is!

I LOVE that the inside of the umbrella is bright and cheerful…


…and it’s the perfect size for our “thrones”!



SO, what do you think of our patio reveal? Would you enjoy spending time here?


I’d love to know what you think!

84 thoughts on “A Patio Reveal!

  1. I have a wicked black thumb, so I would kill every single one of those plants LOL! I love the way your deck came out, though – it’s so crisp looking.

    • Thank you, Colleen! And yes, I believe the consensus was that it was a jade plant, thank you!

  2. I think it’s called a jade plant! I love your tiered herb garden – what a great idea!

    Your patio is so pretty and inviting. Makes me want to come over and sit a while!

    And, no, you are not the only one who forgets to take before pics. I do it all the time!

    • You are welcome any time, Alli! (Between the two of us, maybe we can remember to take the “before” pics LOL)

  3. Your last plant that your husband purchased is a Jade tree. They are very hardy, a member of the cacti family so you don’t really have to water them too much. You can actually break off one ‘leaf’ and stick it into the dirt to grow another Jade tree. They can grow very big so it may need to be repotted to allow it to get bigger. Yours looks good!
    Your patio is beautiful and very inviting. I really like those tiered planters!

    • Oh, thank you for that info, Shirley! I may grow some other ones now, I really like the leaves!

  4. I really enjoyed the tour of your patio. I plan on redoing mine once the summer heat is over. Its’ 107 degrees here today and it’s only 10am !! Once fall comes though, it’s the most beautiful place on earth, I will definitely be looking to revamp the patio area, thanks for the tips and tour.

    • Oh my goodness, Lesley! I worked outside in feels-like-113 temps on Saturday and thought I might DIE! And that was just feels-like!!! I can’t imagine it actually being 107 degrees!

  5. You have done a marvelous job on that patio! Yes, I could definitely see myself relaxing under that umbrella. I commend you on growing fresh herbs amidst the flowers.

    • Thank you, Michele! I like to cook with fresh herbs, makes everything taste better! πŸ™‚

  6. We call the Jade tree a money plant! Watch it grow, they do seem to be a good indicator of your current financial position….. healthy plant = healthy bank balance πŸ™‚

  7. How nice! The inside of the umbrella is bright and cheerful. The whole area looks really nice…. like such a relaxing place to sit. I’d like to know what kind of plant that is too. There are some plant identification groups on FB where you could probably get that identified pretty quickly. God bless! πŸ™‚

  8. There is nothing like fresh herbs from the garden. Make sure you pluck them often so that they do not bolt. Once they bolt they will flower, and not produce any more.

    • Thank you! Those actually came from Aldi! Although you could probably get them other places, too πŸ™‚

    • Oh my goodness LOL I can’t talk, I’ve never had a cactus, so maybe they’re easy to kill!

  9. Love your herb planters. I am moving to a new house in a couple weeks and have a really cute patio to decorate. I can not wait. I am going to do some planters like yours.

  10. Hi Kristen,
    I was looking for patio makeover inspiration and I think I found one. Love your herb planters.
    Your blog is just lovely. Guess I am gonna stay around here for a while.

  11. I love the smell of fresh basil! I’ve tried rectangular planters, but they don’t look very good on my deck. The 3-tier style you have here is fantastic – it almost looks like a fountain of herbs sprouting on your patio.

    • Thank you, Farrah! I try to get away from taking cell phone pics and use the “real” camera LOL

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