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Well, hopefully wherever you are, you aren’t still having to use your fireplace! (If you ARE, I’m so very sorry…and I promise, Spring will be here soon!) But one of the things I would love to have had in our home when we purchased it was a fireplace. I know, I know, we live in Florida – what on earth do WE need a fireplace for?! Well, mark my words, one of these days, I’m getting my fireplace. If it’s added to this house or in another house we move to down the road…I’m getting one! Until then…I’ll continue to play the “Fireplace for Your Home” channel on Netflix. (Did you know there WAS such a thing?! It’s amazing!)

Nevertheless, there’s nothing quite like a REAL fireplace. And I love almost any kind…so I wasn’t sure exactly which kind I’d like to have in the future. What are the benefits to each “model”? Should we have one over the other for our area? What’s the easiest to clean? The easiest to fuel? Which is the most comforting to sit in front of in a cozy chair?!


No joke, while I’m pondering these options, Matt from Northshore Fireplace contacts me and asks if I would be interested in sharing a Fireplace Comparison Guide here on the blog. WHAT?! Um, yes, please! Check out how this thing is broken down – masterful!


I had NO idea there was a difference in gas in being vented or unvented…and a wood pellet stove? How wonderfully vintage! I love that any question you could ever have about fireplaces is answered in this ONE graphic!

Do YOU have a fireplace? What kind? What kind do you WISH you had, and why? 

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19 thoughts on “A Fireplace Comparison Guide

  1. I always wanted a house with a fireplace. I love to sit down and listen to the flames crackle, but alas, I ended up with one of the few houses in New England without one 🙁

  2. Timely post as we are renovating and changing out our fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces are going to be banned in our area soon due to air quality issues, though. We are installing gas and I’m sad about that.

  3. I live in Florida but totally want a fireplace too! It would be great for those chilly nights in January when you think maybe I should turn the heater on and you have to ask yourself if you even have a heater to turn on.

  4. I was thinking I’d like to have an electric fireplace. My mother-in-law said it’d run the electric bill up really high though. I dunno… I still think they’re pretty, useful, and add a nice look to the room.

  5. I would love to have a fireplace in our home! We had spring weather for two weeks, but it’s been chilly again in Iowa. I am super jealous that you live in Florida!

  6. We have a gas fireplace which is pretty standard in our part of the country. I rarely use it and most times have some kid of decorative wood in it for whatever season it is.

  7. We do have a Gas unvented place in my home. It reduces the dust when comparing with wooden fire place. This is the first time I have heard about Pellet Stove. You have shared some great information about Fireplace at home.

  8. We have a fireplace, and love it…even here in So Cali where we seldom truly need it. It is wonderful to snuggle up in front of on a rainy day and read a book or share some quiet time with a loved one. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – You are an AWESOME host!!! Thanks for everything you do. 🙂

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