A BIG Announcement! (And an Easter wish!)

I am SO excited to announce that earlier this morning, my husband and I closed on our FIRST HOME!!! We could not be more thrilled…and terrified…all at the same time! (If you’ve ever bought a home, you know the feeling!)

We have said from the beginning what a blessing the whole experience has been. Yes, it has been stressful at times, but we believe people were specifically placed in our lives to help us with this process – it was definitely what we call “a God thing” all the way around!

We starting casually looking at homes in the Fall of 2012, when my husband started calculating how much we had spent in rent up to that point. (That’ll get ya every time!)

But before we did that, we got some financial advice from our Financial Adviser over at Northwestern Mutual, Jonathan Hunt (jonathan.d.hunt@nmfn.com). Jonathan handles our life insurance, investments, etc., and has become a dear friend as much as a valued consultant.

We hooked up with our fantastic Realtor, Sandy Harper (Sandy@sandysellsflorida.net) with WebPro Realty, through an online home listing that my mom actually emailed to me, and Sandy has been FANTASTIC! As first-time home-buyers, we had a TON of questions, and I KNOW we drove her NUTS at least once or twice! (I mean, we actually thought a short sale meant the process only took a short amount of time! I mean, that’s how little we knew!)

When we had more of an idea of what we were looking for, Sandy introduced us to Robby Sampson (Robby@themortgagefirm.com) from The Mortgage Firm. He and his team (Lisa Fry and Mike Meyer) got us pre-approved for a loan, and then we  knew how much more we needed to save for a down payment. Then we looked for 4 months for the home we wanted.

When we finally found one we LOVED, we had to jump on it, and QUICK. (The market where we are is kinda crazy – investors are paying cash for homes, renovating them and re-selling them, so it makes it hard for actual buyers like us to compete!) We saw the house for the first time and placed an offer, all in the same evening.

And…they rejected it.

We were disappointed, but we had prayed that if we weren’t supposed to be in that house, God would shut the door…and shut it hard. We figured that was quite the closing of a door, until Sandy called us a couple days later and said we should place another offer.

We balked at that a little – we didn’t want to go any higher than our first offer! And we didn’t want to try to open a door that God had shut. “What if I place the same offer again?” she questioned.

I remember laughing and saying, “Sure, place the same one again! I don’t know what good that will do, but go for it!”

And would you believe, they accepted the exact same offer the second time we placed it. I mean, WOW! We were floored! Sandy calls it the March Miracle!

We began the closing process (although it felt more like we were on trial for committing a crime, ha! They want to know EVERYTHING about you!!!) on March 1, and closed, keys in hand, today! Wanna hear something funny? The Notary who was sent over to us to sign all the papers? She LIVES in our new neighborhood AND sits on the HOA Board! I mean, honestly! That is NOT coincidence!


This is just the MLS pic still, because I haven’t started photographing anything yet, but there it is! It’s move-in-ready, but we also have lots of little updates/customizations we want to make to it – so we’ll be in for good on April 13, but we’ll take our time making it ours. Which means you’re gonna start seeing LOTS of blogs about this house!

Again, I can’t thank the people involved enough. If you are in the Central Florida area and in need of any of their services, PLEASE contact them. They are all fantastic!!!

And now the real fun begins!

In the midst of all of the above, today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Good Friday, and I probably will not post a blog, since it is a holiday!

This weekend we will be reflecting on the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus. On Good Friday, I always think of how much can change in three days. I think of the song that says, “When problems try to bury you and make it hard to pray, it may seem like Friday night…but Sunday’s on the way!”

So wherever you are in life, no matter what you may be going through, remember: your whole world can change in three days! Sunday’s on the way!

I wish you and yours a wonderful celebration of His resurrection!


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  1. Excellent blog post, Kristen! It’s true how daunting of a task buying a home can be nowadays-I know this not only as a homeowner, but as a mortgage loan officer in my area-I know exactly what everyone goes through-I love getting my buyers to closing day-there’s nothing better to see the joy on their faces after going through all the “hoops” and then they finally make it! Seriously enjoy and congrats!

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