Cake Boss Wannabe

So we watched the season finale of Cake Boss last night. Are you a fan? I LOVE it! I love the creativity, and that the whole family works together! My husband actually likes it too – he likes that Buddy “doesn’t take lip” and “tells it like it is!” If you’ve never seen it, check […]

Dressing Up a Plain Cake

My  husband is on the “Fun” committee at work, and he’s also in charge of the birthdays for his section. They put him in charge of birthdays because they figured I would make birthday treats for everyone…and for the most part, I do! The lovely lady who’s birthday is today decided she didn’t care what […]

On the Road in August!

Here are the top five posts (in no particular order) that folks liked here On the Road in August! (Can you believe it’s already September?!) 1. Passing the Test on Back to School Organization (Wohoo!!! This was my post from our Back to School Blog Hop, so I’m so thrilled that everyone liked it so […]