8 Benefits of Home Insulation

If you’ve ever felt the draft of cold air under a door, or hot air surrounding a window, you know that the temperature from outside can enter your home pretty quickly. But, before diving into the benefits of Home Insulation, we should start by talking about what home insulation actually is and why it exists.

Insulation provides a separation from the uncontrolled environment (outside) and the controlled environment (inside). The walls surrounding you and the roof over your head makes up the housing enclosure. Insulation is the fine layer between the outside and the inside.

The primary job of insulation is to slow the flow of heat or cold from room to room in your home. Slowing the movement of the heat and capturing it in one room will help in keeping the temperature about the same throughout. When air is constantly moving in your home, it causes the temperature in your home to be uneven.

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Heat always moves from warm to cold irrespective of the home you are in, and the type of heating unit you have. A good example is when the hot air in your home sinks to the basement, and you keep wondering where the heat has gone to. There has been heat running throughout the day, but some rooms in your home are still cold. Most homes have a problem with air leakage because of their size. During the winter months, there is a lot of room for error when it comes to air leaking out of and in to your home.

Home insulation may seem like a lot of work, and costly work, at that. However, you are going to see many benefits from doing it – especially if you hire a professional insulation contractor. Below are eight benefits you can expect to receive when you insulate your home properly:

1. Saving up to 75% of the heat in your home 

This will be most apparent when you wake up in the morning. You get out of bed and the room is freezing, then you step on the cold floor which goes all the way into your kitchen. The biggest challenge when it comes to overcoming such cold mornings is preventing airflow to the different rooms in your home. To prevent airflow, it boils down to proper “R-values” of insulation.  The “R-values” depends on where you live and the months of winter you have. A home in Arizona is not going to need the same R-value as a home in Minnesota.

2. Lowering Your Heating Bill 

When you keep more heat inside during the winter, you reduce the number of times the heat has to kick on. This leads to lower bills, and you end up saving money.

3. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 

Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 and carbon compounds that have been emitted because of fossil fuel consumption by a person, group, or company. Your consumption is directly related to your carbon footprint. When you lose less heat, you end up using less energy to heat your home. Based on the 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), if all the homes in the US had insulation, then there would be a 5% drop in electricity consumption nationwide and there would be a drop of more than 10% in natural gas use.

4. Increasing Comfort 

Imagine those mornings when you have to get out of bed but you don’t feel like it because the floors are cold. Many homeowners invest in home insulation because they want to make their home a little more comfortable. Your home is one of your biggest investments, and you work hard to pay for it, so you should make it as comfortable as possible.

5. Enhancing the Value of Your Home 

For every dollar reduction in annual utility bills, the home value rises by an average of $20. You are going to see a tenfold payback when you decide to sell your home after investing in home insulation. Even if you have no plan of selling your home, it is never a bad thing to increase its value.

6. You have a Wide Range of Options When it Comes to Insulation 

It doesn’t matter whether the house was constructed yesterday or in 1905. No matter the type of house, there is always an insulation solution. People choose to do home insulation projects in tiers to gain maximum return on investment and avoid high upfront costs.

7. Rebates 

Energy companies usually offer homeowners a wide variety of deductions. This is done through a Home Energy Audit and other services. They do this to help in reducing your consumption. When homeowners acknowledge that they are using a lot of power, then they can be rewarded when they take steps to lower their energy consumption. Xcel gives out such rewards in the form of rebates. You can get some discounts on insulation jobs.  You can get an energy audit so you can know which areas of your home you can improve on immediately and what can wait.

8. Health Benefits

Lower temperatures have been shown to suppress the immune system.  When you want to go out during the winter, you don’t put on a t-shirt and shorts. You put on as many layers of clothing as possible. When you live in a cold environment, you have increased chances of falling sick, which is why people are always looking for ways to keep warm in their homes.

When you insulate your home, you are going to reduce your CO2 emissions, cut your energy costs, and increase comfort inside your home. To know problem areas in your home that need to be dealt with, consider getting a “home energy audit”. This way, you will have a good understanding of your home insulation and what you can do.

Do you have insulation in your home? Have you found it beneficial?

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