7 Fun Ideas to Keep Your Day Entertaining…at Home!

Although right now we’re in the throes of Spring (my allergies can totally attest to that) Summer will soon be upon us! I just wrote an article for the magazine I contribute to on How to Organize Your Summer Vacation, and then it dawned on me: maybe not everyone GOES on summer vacation. I mean, growing up, we always did. I guess I got used to that. But some folks would rather be at home, which is a great way to spend the summer, too! As long as you’re not hearing the words, “I’m bored!” within the first day of Summer vacation. Ugh. 

So when Katleen Brown contacted me about a post full of ways to keep a day at home entertaining, I figured it was the perfect follow-up! She’s got some fantastic ideas here! Check them out!

Sometimes, staying at home can cause boredom, especially if one is not creative enough to figure out what can make a day spent indoors FUN. For those with children, it can be unfortunate if one has no ideas on how they can make the stay at home enjoyable. 


It is essential to learn about ways to keep the children, and yourself relaxed and entertained as you spend time indoors.

Make Finger Puppets

This is one way of letting the children have fun as they exercise their creativity.  They can remain busy for several hours, and therefore, you will not have to listen to them complaining of boredom or wanting to go out.  They do not need a lot of things for this activity. They only require having papers and paint boxes as well as some glue.  You can help them make monsters or even animals. Using these tools, you can help them to make stories. If you have one child, you can help him or her through the whole process and provide moral support. However, you can invite other kids to your house and have them work with your child. If you have two more kids in the house, you can assist them for a while and then leave them to have fun and exercise creativity on their own.

Build a Fort

While doing this, you need to clear some space in your living room.  You need to pull out some blankets and maybe some pillows before getting started.  It is easy to build a fort and it can be a lot of fun for you and the kids.  Let the kids invite their friends, and to make the day and the experience more fun, you can prepare some cookies and swap comic books.  

Have a Sumo Pillow Fight

This is a better option than having the kids playing video games. Sometimes, the video games could teach the child violence. Consequently, in the competing mood, the kids may get violent and even quarrel about the game and winning.  You can have the kids play or wrestle with the pillows. At least, this is a lot of fun and not violent.  You can show the kids different forms of pillow wrestling and set the rules for them. Again, letting the kids invite friends to your house can be a lot of fun.  You can have a camera and record the kids as they play and as they fall. It can be fun and hilarious having the kids watch the videos later, or even years from now.

Play with Pets

You can play games with the pets together with the children. Pick up some new toys for the family dog or cat, and involve them in your activities, as well! After all, they’ll be happy that you’re spending some time at home with them, anyway!

What else can Keep You Entertained?


While in the house, and the kids are busy and having fun, you can get into your kitchen and make a meal that you enjoy cooking. You can also make cookies or other foods that will not need warming. However, ensure you make healthy meals and include vegetables. Just use the cookies to encourage the kids to play on and win games.


If you are in the house, with nothing to do, you can have some workouts. You can use the treadmill for those workouts that you find fun. Apart from improving your fitness as well as health, you will keep off boredom. If you have the company of a friend or a family member, you can do the activities together.  You can also take part in simple exercises like sit-ups. It is self- fulfilling to do something that is both healthy and fun.

Watch a Movie

If you are in the house and not planning to take any outdoor activity, then it could be time to catch that favorite movie or show. If it is cold, you can cover yourself in the blankets and just enjoy that movie. When alone, in the room, it is unlikely to get distracted. If you have kids, you need to ensure that they get busy and that they are having fun. Once you settle, then you can enjoy your show or movie.  

Katleen BrownAbout the Author

Katleen Brown is a health, beauty and fitness writer. She loves to publish her articles on various health related websites. In her spare time, likes to do research to bring awareness. She follows Consumer Health Digest. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and outlook, she helps empower women to tune into their innate & inner wisdom to transform their health and truly flourish. Get in touch with her on Google+, Pinterest and Twitter.

Of course, I like the cooking idea the best, probably! But I always enjoying getting kiddos involved in cooking, too! Thanks so much for these ideas, Katleen!

When you’re home during the summer, what’s YOUR favorite activity? 

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16 thoughts on “7 Fun Ideas to Keep Your Day Entertaining…at Home!

  1. We’ll fire up Netflix when we have a few spare minutes at home. There are so many good series on there – we end up binge-watching for hours!

  2. We sometimes went on vacation but not very often. If I wasn’t at camp (and no I never liked camp) I hung out with my friends outside and generally had a good time. We belonged to a small pool right next door to where I lived–so if I got bored–I went swimming!

  3. These days there so many things that you can do with your kids, especially when it comes to sensory play. I love these suggestions, they are definitely tried and tested!

  4. Watching movies and playing with pets are a sure thing to work. About those pillow fights though, it depends on how they see it since it might not matter how soft the pillows are but the fact that they’re engaged in “striking” is what worries me.

  5. I remember building forts and mostly playing games outside when I was growing up. Now I’m doing the same things with my grandkids. Wow, time sure does fly. Only yesterday I was in my 20’s. 🙂

  6. Yes to all of these! There are so many fun at-home activities. We love doing arts & crafts and we have done origami, paper cutting, and even trying fun Youtube-inspired experiments.

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