60-Second Chocolate Cake

One of the first pins I ever discovered on Pinterest was for a 60-Second Chocolate Cake. I didn’t see how it could be true, honestly. Chocolate Cake in 60 seconds?! I mean…what??? Everyone loves cake, everyone loves chocolate, and who doesn’t love it in a minute flat, right?!

So I figured I’d try it. But I’d try it my own way, of course!

The pin I came across was from Trisha over at 24/7 MOMS HERE, but the pin leads you to the lovely home of Tiffany at Savor Home HERE. (You really need to go visit Savor Home – Tiffany has a fantastic spot in the blogosphere! But here’s my rendition…


60-Second Chocolate Cake

1/4 cup gluten-free baking mix
1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar
3 tablespoons dark cocoa
3 tablespoons whole milk
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon extract (coconut, peppermint, rum, coffee, whatever you like!)
Sprinkle of chopped nuts (if you’re feelin’ froggy!)

Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix well with a whisk.



Pour into one of your coffee cups.


Oh, see my favorite coffee cup?!


Don’t you love it?!

Pop in the microwave for 60 seconds, but WATCH it closely. It will rise, and that’s good, but, depending on the actual size of your cup, it’s possible for it to overflow a bit, which can make a mess!



After 60 seconds, take a spoon and dip into the cake, or take a knife and slice off the top…it may serve two! If it’s still too gooey for you, put it in for a bit longer (but remember, the cake will still cook a little bit when you remove it from the microwave, so make sure it’s just a little wet, so it has some room to finish cooking!)


Then, enjoy! I like it just by itself with a glass of milk, but you could put some whipped topping or ice cream along with it! Especially good when you just need a few bites of something chocolate…but don’t need an entire cake!


Whatcha think? Got any other good “cup” recipes? I like just making things in a coffee cup! Much less clean-up!

For more great ideas, check out Livin’ the Mom Life’s Family Fridays Link-Up Party, where I’ve linked this post! Lots of great things over there! CLICK HERE!

53 thoughts on “60-Second Chocolate Cake

  1. MY goodness lady you are a queen!!! 60 second chocolate cake!!! I am going to make this for my OH later and impress him lol I’m also subscribing to this awesome blog! xx

  2. Awesome! I never would have thought of this. Great for small portions, not much clean-up, and fabulous if you’re traveling like I often am and have a microwave but no oven!

  3. Amazing! I’m not really a cake person, but that looks like chocolatey gooey goodness. I think I would like it better a little on the wetter side. I may just have to try this. I love the idea of making just a cupful too…less mess and less temptation. πŸ™‚
    LOVE your mug by the way!

    Life With Lorelai

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