6 Ways to Get Organized Before a Cross Country Move – A Sponsored Post!

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About a year ago, my hubby and I went on a spontaneous road trip to a city quite far from our own. In another state, actually. We were seriously thinking about moving there, and wanted to check it out. We met with a realtor, viewed a few houses, looked at the building where he would work, and in general familiarized ourselves with the surroundings. It was definitely a productive weekend!

But when we got home, and I began to walk through our house, the overwhelming feelings of “look at all this stuff we’ll have to PACK and MOVE!” took over. I mean, we aren’t people who keep clutter at all, and still…there was SO MUCH STUFF! I didn’t know where to begin in a moving process. After all, we’d only ever moved one city over…and then one neighborhood over!

My husband ended up taking a different job that didn’t require us to move, however, his company offers opportunities for work all over the United States. The possibilities are endless…and they’re not off the table at our house! 

So I decided that it might be a good idea to at least KNOW where I would even begin if we decided to move. Always good to have a backup plan, right?! And in our case, it’s one thing to be moving to a nearby location. But when you’re uprooting your life and moving cross-country, you want to make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared. Since you won’t be able to hop in your car and come back for anything or tie up any loose ends, you’re going to want to make sure that you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. I’ve assembled a few organizational tips that should certainly help a cross country move to be smooth sailing.

Portrait of happy senior couple packing suitcase

1. Create a Moving Binder

Part of being organized means keeping things in check. A moving binder can help you to keep all of your necessary paperwork and checklists (and trust me when I say you’re going to have lots of things to put on your checklist) in order. If you prefer modern technology that’s fine as well. There are plenty of organizational apps that you can use that will help you keep all of your tasks in order.

Red File Amongst White Closeup For Getting Office Organized

2. Check the Website of Your Moving Company

When planning something as big as a cross country move, you want to make sure you utilize all the reputable resources that you can. Once you’ve found the cross country movers you’re going to hire, you can check out their website to find various tips and tricks on how to get the move done systematically, removing some of the stress that typically accompanies a big move.

Moving Company

3. Using a Labeling Color Coded System

Once you arrive at your new place you’re probably going to want to start settling in so you can feel at home. The best way to make unpacking easy is to utilize a labeling system when you pack. Color coded systems are likely the best for organizing for a move. You can purchase multi-colored labels. Each color would represent a different room. Once you pack a box you would simply label it with the designated color and write a number on it. Creating a master list (this is where your binder comes in handy), you can jot down what is inside that numbered box. Make is something simple like, “kids books” or “kitchenware”. When you’re ready to unpack, your master list and color coding would act as your guide to determine exactly where things should go.


4. Minimize as Much as You Can

There’s really no sense in packing things that you’re just going to let sit in your garage or attic and collect dust. Therefore, it is probably a good idea that you minimize as much as possible before your move. This simply means sorting through your belongings and determining which things you really have no more use for. These things can either be given away as a donation or you could earn a few extra bucks by having a garage sale.

hand draws sale tags

5. Label Electronic Device Cables and Chargers

If you have a lot of electronic devices to pack then you’ve probably got a lot of cords hanging around. To prevent the need to play the “guessing game” with the cables and chargers you can easily label them so you know what goes where. Simply write things on a label like “television cord” or “laptop charger”.

Multifarious international electrical cords on white

6. Pack an Essentials Suitcase

After flying (or driving) all the way across the country you’re probably not going to be interested in searching for things you need over the next few days. Rather than have to destroy all of your boxes and the hard work you put into organizing them, pack yourself an essential suitcase that would include things you would need over the next few days like your moving binder, personal hygiene products, and a few pairs of clothes.

Portrait of happy senior couple packing suitcase

Well, that about does it! if you remember to follow each of the organizational tips for moving you’re sure to have a much easier time transitioning into your new home. Sure there are bound to be a couple of “bumps in the road”, but for the most part they can be prevented with the proper planning and organization. I hope you find these tips helpful if you’re preparing to journey to new new humble abode!

What is YOUR best moving tip?

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6 thoughts on “6 Ways to Get Organized Before a Cross Country Move – A Sponsored Post!

  1. Professional movers are only one of the many ways you can do a long distance move. Truck rentals, freight trailers, containers and additional alternative options might also make sense depending on your situation and budget.

    I built a site called moveBuddha.com to help compare different options and find the best for your move.

  2. Moving is a great way to minimize what you have – when we moved across several states years ago we got rid of a lot of things – amazing what you really don’t need.
    I like the idea of the color coding system and the binder.

  3. I’ve moved cross country before and I did several of these things, including having a garage sale and getting rid of things I didn’t want to move and labeling all the boxes. Having a binder is something I didn’t do and it’s a really good idea.

  4. These are excellent tips for anyone moving long distance or even locally… I’d add: enjoy the process and don’t sweat the small stuff. 🙂

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