6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy – A Guest Post!

I’ve always been big on keeping my bedroom clean. Growing up, there was just something about coming home from school to a clean room. (That, plus the fact that my mom would clean my room FOR me if I didn’t keep it clean, and I couldn’t have THAT!)

As I got older, my bedroom was the place I studied and I came to relax after a long day of work. After I got married, it was even more important to keep our room clean, comfortable and a place of sanctuary, really.

So when professional blogger Sofia Lewis contacted me to see if I’d be interesting in publishing her article on “Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy”, I thought it was a fantastic idea!

So, without further ado…here’s Sofia!

A clean and tidy bedroom should be part of your daily house cleaning routine. You will find that it is fairly easy to get your whole house feeling it’s best if you pay attention to the details, and don’t shirk from tidying and cleaning the house as you pass through it, when you have time. Domestic cleaning is not about spending ages on one day of the week scrubbing and mopping, and if it is for you, then you should get a professional cleaner to come in. The fact is that a little maintenance every day can go a long way towards ensuring that your domestic cleaning is something that does not really bother you that much in the long run. Having a contract cleaner is another way to take the pressure off, but that is not an option that is available to all budgets, and it can be more satisfying to do these things yourself.

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Have a look over the following bedroom cleaning tips, to see if any of them help you, and be aware that these tips are to be part of a light routine, rather than a deep cleaning one, so there is no upholstery cleaning nor any carpet cleaning involved.

  • Make the bed. You will find that a freshly-made bed immediately makes the room look better ordered, and will ensure that you have a place to lay clothes as you fold them up and put them away. You don’t need to have anything crazy, like decorative pillows and piles of cuddly toys, but ensuring that the bed looks ordered will make the whole room feel better immediately.
  • Tidy the rest of the room. Remove all extraneous items like cups, newspapers and all that is not needed in the bedroom. You will find that this again helps to make the place look better straight away. If you are the kind of person that flings their clothes over the end of the bed, or onto a chair, then this is the time to put them away, and to ensure that there is nothing out of place. Having everything set in place and out of sight will mean that there is less to clean around as well, so it is aiding the rest of the process, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dust the room, from top to bottom. You will find that this means that there is less of a chance of any dust that you are removing from one place will settle on another one that you have just cleaned. You will also find that having a sensible order in which to do these things will prevent you from missing any bits of the cleaning out. Ensure that you have removed all dust from the ceiling and light fittings before you move on to dusting the shelves, sills and mantle. Use a feather duster for areas that you can’t reach, and a dust cloth for those that you can. Polish up anything that needs it at this point as well.
  • After all this is done, you can vacuum the floor. If you have a wooden floor it is essential that you do this before you mop it, as otherwise sharper bits of dirt and stones brought in on shoes can get into the mop, and scratch away the varnish from the floor, leaving marks. This can open the wood up to water damage as well, so it is essential that you are careful with these things. 

6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy (1)

Awesome tips, Sofia, thank you! (I especially like the reminder about making the bed – it’s so true, once the bed is made, it really makes the entire room look more put-together!) You can see more of Sofia’s articles on her Google+ page by clicking HERE!

As for you, what is your best tip for keeping bedrooms clean?

121 thoughts on “6 Tips for Keeping Your Bedroom Clean and Tidy – A Guest Post!

  1. These are all good tips, Kristen. I’m just like you, when I was growing up, I wanted my room clean!
    Making the bed seems to automatically make the room so much nicer and inspire us to keep everything else neat too!

  2. Great post! Sensible and easy tips. I might add, for my own benefit, putting away laundry. My bedroom tends to be the holding spot for unfolded laundry. Lol

  3. I don’t make my bed. I never have. I always figured if I was going to mess it up again that night – why bother 😉

  4. I’m awful at house cleaning, but I do try to make sure that our bed is made each morning. It just makes me feel better about the room as a whole. (I wish I could stop piling papers on the dresser. One habit I’m working to break!)

  5. A made bed is a must. And I always fold my laundry on my bed. It’s a nice height and provides a large open space. Plus, if the laundry is all over my bed… it’s going to get put away because I want to sleep! 🙂 Nice guest post.

    Life With Lorelai

  6. Great tips! I’m giving myself a pat on the back because I already do these. I’ve always kept a clean and tidy bedroom since I was a child, and that extends to the rest of the house. I can’t relax if it’s dirty or untidy. Luckily my partner is the same, so there’s no arguments about cleanliness! Great post, glad I popped by from UBC

  7. A clean, neat bedroom gives me a sense of order and protection. Yesterday, while the sun shone, I washed my curtains and replaced them. That showed up dust that had collected on the radiator, which I spent hours poking through to the floor. It gave me such satisfaction.

  8. I agree – I need that bed made every day or it drives me loopy. It just makes the room look so much better. Also if you walk into a room with an unmade bed it feels like you might as well just go back to bed to me. So I need it done so my day can start.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing, I need all the cleaning/organization tips I can get! I’ve got down the bed making (pretty anal about it actually), now if I could get down the dusting, organizing my closet, and keep my desk tidy, I’d be doing ok. 🙂


  10. Strange as this may sound the bedroom is the one room in my apartment that I like messy! I just don’t feel comfortable in a totally neat and tidy room–the rest of the apartment I try to keep straightened out–If I could afford it I would get a cleaning service (but NOT for my bedroom!!) Luckily only my cat Baby lives with me!!

  11. This is a must in our house too! My bedroom is my sanctuary and the thought of it being dirty would just drive me crazy and my OCD husband even more so. We don’t like clutter. We may clutter it up some in the evenings but the second thing I do every morning is make my bed and clean up anything that needs tending to.

  12. I totally agree about the making the bed thing. It makes a huge difference because our beds take up so much square footage in our rooms! 🙂 My bedroom has always been a storage zone for clutter when I’m cleaning for company. Hopefully I’ll get better about that!

  13. Please do not look at my room! We are still living in boxes until we get into a permanent house and so we look messy. I can not wait until we move, I will definitely make use of many of these tips.

  14. Recently, I’ve started making the bed daily. It makes the room feel cleaner, even if it’s not. I also have been trying to keep my side clean. Great tips!

    • Ah, that’s a good point, April! I can’t always keep my husband’s side clean, but I can keep my side clean! 🙂

  15. Making the bed is definitely my number 1 cleaning tip when cleaning my bedroom. The bed is the biggest part of the room (not literally) and when it is messy then the whole room can feel messy.

  16. I like to keep my bedroom in order and always make my bed. Especially if you have bedrooms that are on the first floor. Great tips.

  17. On making the bed – I’m guilty of not making it every day. What’s the point when the same evening I’m going to mess it up again anyway. Noone’s coming to our bedroom except hubby, so we’re cool. Otherwise, of course, keeping it tidy is a must.

  18. Great tips! I have a rule that everything in my bedroom has its place. When I remove it from that place, I put it back after use. That way things don’t get messy and disorganized.

  19. I always have my room clean and I make my bed first thing in the morning (I am a neat freak though). And thankfully my daughter is also very neat and keeps her room clean all by herself!

  20. I’m always amazed at how making the bed alone can make it look so much better. Until my kids come in & play all over it, LOL.

  21. Great tips! I have to have my bed made. I have to lock my bedroom door to keep our room clean. For whatever reason my kids like to come in and pull everything off the hangers. Also, how do you get your husband to put away his laundry? He has piles by his side of the bed, then asks me if I’ve seen his socks, etc. I just wanna shake him 😉

    • I threaten LOL When he has laundry to put away it’s laid out over the ironing board. After it’s sat there for a couple of days I tell him I’m gonna put it on the floor and let the dog and cat get hair all over it. That normally does the trick LOL

  22. So funny I just cleaned our room last night! I did many of these tips but making the bed is still hard for me to want to do. Luckily my husband encourages me to do this daily or I would probable always have a messy bed.

  23. I have a hard time keeping my room clean–I’m just so busy!–but I do (almost) always keep my desk and my closet clean. Other then that. . . well, I’m moving into a new room, so maybe I’ll have better luck with that one. 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

  24. Like so many of the comments, I have to make my bed. when I do that, I feel like I can start the day off right. If it is unmade, it makes it much to easy to climb back in. LOL, like that ever happens… 🙂

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