5 Ways to Ensure a Comfy & Cozy Guest Room

I LOVE having a guest room.

I like when people stay with us. I like to be able to help out for a couple days and provide someone with a comfy place to stay. We’ve had friends, family and perfect strangers stay with us in our guest room, from all across the United States, and even folks from Canada and Africa! Now, it’s hard to provide someone with a QUIET place at my house these days (cue twin 1-year-olds). But comfy I can do! 

After all, top hospitality residences understand the true meaning of creating comfortable and cozy guest rooms. An inviting guest room not only makes visitors feel welcome and comfortable, but it also gives homeowners a satisfying feeling, too.

Creating welcoming guest rooms doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. Explore the following top design tips you can use to create cozy rooms for visitors.

Offer Luxurious & Comfortable Beds

Bed in a hotel room

The bed is the most significant area to help your guests get a good night’s rest. Visitors shouldn’t be given the oldest mattress in the home. Get a quality mattress that is supple and have quality bedsheets and a mattress cover to complement it.

Ensure that your guests get fresh linens. In addition to these items, top the bed with a cozy comforter and pillows covered in fresh pillowcases.

Provide Blackout Window Coverings

Some people cannot sleep in a room with excess lighting. Although other decorative curtain choices are a fit for any home, they may not be a good fit for a guest room. Apart from light control, these window coverings provide privacy to your guests. An appealing blind can do the job well and create satisfaction and comfort.

Add Proper Lighting

While natural light during the day may be enough, the situation gets a little complicated when night falls. A room may have an entirely tasteful decor, but it can get ruined by improper lighting.

Proper lighting creates a warm and relaxed ambiance. If your guests arrive at night, the guest room lights should stay on to prevent your guests from stumbling into a dark bedroom to find a switch. Having a lamp around a desk or sitting area is also important.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Weather conditions fluctuate regularly in almost all U.S. states. Some regions face extended summers with high temperatures. As such, guest rooms need smart air conditioners that allow variable speeds. Unlike older air conditioners that produced loud rumbles at night, smart conditioners have a noise reduction capability.

You’ll also want to install a modern smart thermostat in the house. These thermostat systems are compatible with smart technology and can easily be regulated using Wi-Fi from almost any location. An HVAC services technician can help you with maintenance and installation services for these thermostats.

Provide a Wi-Fi Connection Password

Not every visitor will spend time sleeping in a guest room. Some may carry their laptops and work or check their email once in a while. If the house lacks any cable connections, display Wi-Fi passwords in the guest room. Make sure a chair and desk are in the room, and add a lamp to brighten up the space for your guests.

Creating a cozy room for visitors may involve making some changes to your current guest room. However, looking at what hotel rooms have, you can gain a bit of knowledge to help you create a perfect guest room experience! In fact, your guest room may be so comfortable that your guests might not want to leave. Which is great…or maybe not so much…

What do YOU look for in a guest room when you stay with friends and family?

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Ensure a Comfy & Cozy Guest Room

  1. We just stayed at my friend’s home in Los Angeles and I would have sworn he read your article. Their guest room was amazing!! Now our goal is to provide the same for our guests, but it does take some investment in time and money.

  2. These are all great ways to to ensure a comfy cozy guest room. I know providing the WiFi password in the room is a great idea. Extra pillows would be nice too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. A comfy guest room with good lighting will really help your guests to relax. Its so sweet of you to go to such lengths to secure the well being of your guests. I too like having people at my home for entertainment purposes. I however, do not particularly favor sleep overs.

  4. This is such a great tips. It is really important to have a comfy and cozy guest room. I ensure that our guest room is neat and clean, have a thermostat, and extra pillow and blanket.

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