5 Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Designer Bag

Most of us who pay a great attention to all things domestic pay a bit less attention to those things marked as “fashionable”. I mean, I don’t care to leave my house looking like a frumpy mess, but if given the choice between purchasing a handbag for several thousand and completing a home renovation project for several thousand, I think we all know which option I’d choose.

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However, I DO own several nice handbags because people have gifted them to me (maybe you do, too, since we’ve just celebrate Christmas), and I do enjoy knowing how to clean and preserve a variety of items in the proper manner, so let’s delve into this post, shall we?

Is your designer handbag starting to lose colour and texture? Or did you accidentally stain it with your drink? There’s no need to panic as there are a number of ways to revive your bags. Whether you own designer bags for cheap prices or high-end brands, they are unique and timeless, adding all the more sophistication and style to any attire. But to preserve their worth, it is vital to learn to protect them. 

Avoid Filling with Cosmetics

Especially if you happen to dwell in a hot environment, there are higher chances of your makeup being melted in your bag. This is why you need to avoid tossing your makeup products into said bag. The wise way to do this is by keeping items in a zip-lock bag or a pouch that can prevent any leakage and protect your bag from being stained. This rule can be used for all sorts of things you wish to carry around. Just assign separate pouches for each category, and place them in your bag to have an organised setting of your items. Makes things easier to find, as well!

Avoid Including a Water Bottle

We all know how important it is to carry a water bottle around to stay hydrated. However, keeping it in your designer bag is not such a wise move. Remember, your bag is not a water holder. Surely, you don’t want to bid farewell to your phone, tablet, and bag by making them float in a pool of liquid. Try to avoid storing any sort of fluids in your bag. If need be, you can always store them in a separate pouch to prevent any spill. 

Don’t Place it on Your Desk

When sitting at a desk, try to avoid putting your bag on the table top. Any unintentional swipe of a pen or highlighter could leave a permanent ink stain that will ruin your bag’s look. So make sure your desk is appropriately cleaned, and all pens are securely closed before putting them in your designer bag. 

Use Proper Cleaning Methods 

Cleaning your designer bags can be tricky, especially if the material is suede. So make sure you use water repellent products to prevent discolouration or brush marks. When removing stains, opt for a suede brush to preserve the material and not damage it while making it as good as new.

Avoid Cramming 

One of the biggest mistakes we tend to make is stuffing our bags with more items than it was meant to carry. This eventually ruins the shape of the bag and makes it slouchy. Moreover, avoid putting all your bags in a small, tight space. Your designer bag needs some breathable space that keeps it in the correct shape. Make sure you keep them in a dry and spacious place. 

Designer bags need to be protected to keep their value. In the case of roughness or dullness, consult an expert who could look at your bag and preserve your luxurious belonging accordingly. The best way is to handle your bag with care so it can last longer.

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