5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Feeling Bright This Fall

No matter where you are in the country or what the weather is like, there’s an approaching feeling of fall in the air. Summer is coming to a swift close, and the carefree feeling of vacation season is fading away. Pumpkin spice products are starting to appear on grocery shelves, even if it’s still hot and humid.

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Before you get the end-of-summer blues, make some plans to brighten up your home this fall with these tips:

Bring Your Garden Indoors

Spring and summer are when our flowers bloom and our gardens thrive—but what about the fall? Sure, you can find some beautiful late bloomers at great prices this time of year, but your outdoor space still won’t have the pizazz it had when in full bloom. Save yourself the “garden gloom” and find a few easy-to-care-for houseplants to brighten up your indoor rooms!

Many common houseplants come from somewhat-tropical environments, so they’ll be right at home in your controlled indoor climate. A dash of greenery can do wonders to freshen up any space, and as a plus, your indoor plants will clean all that pumpkin-spiced-air you’ll be breathing this season. It’s a win-win.

Love Your Natural Light

The approach of cooler weather is the perfect time to throw your shades wide and let as much light in as possible. Now that summer is fading, the sunlight won’t roast your home mid-afternoon, but it will add a hefty dose of cheer to your rooms.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, leave your windows open and invite a fresh breeze through your home this September. Fresh air can add an irreplaceable vigor to your home and make everything feel bright and fresh.

Redecorate—But Not Too Much

Fall is a season for deep jewel-tones and bright cinnamon colors, but don’t dive headfirst into the autumnal-foliage color palette, or it’ll be a huge shock to your system. Instead, try incorporating your seasonal decorating in stages.

Incorporate a few new colors into your throw pillows, or add a few chunky throws to warm up your rooms gradually. If everything is leaves and pumpkin-themed all at once, you might find yourself mourning the loss of summer even more.

Keep a Vase of Fresh Flowers

Nothing adds a finishing touch to your home like a thoughtful vase of fresh flowers. You cansplurge on flower delivery or pick up a small bouquet on your weekly grocery run, but having bright flowers on the countertop will keep your spirits high even as you settle into September routines.

Embrace the Season

We all have our favorite fall traditions: we trade summer’s berry-picking for fall’s apple orchards, or sun-soaked vineyard days for cool fireside nights. Find those traditions around your home to keep your spirits up and bright in the next few months.

Maybe you’ll rediscover your love for baking, or light those favorite candles you’ve been saving. Fall recipes can bring back sweet memories, and school-year schedules can have their own charm.

And don’t forget: summer will be back again before you know it!

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