5 Things to Consider When Installing Your Windows during Your Home Extension

Home renovations and extensions are not a piece of cake. They require many factors to be taken into account for a smooth process to ultimately take place. Your tiles are waiting to be laid out, your paint needs to go up on the walls, and you still have to decide which room needs Velux roof windows. Before coming to the part of installing windows, here are a few key things to bear in mind.

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Many times we skip the part of considering key factors (such as moisture) while installing windows. In order to save energy and prevent leakage in homes, you have to make sure your windows have quality sealants. Otherwise, leakage would just be the start of a whole plethora of problems. Moreover, if the fitting quality is not up to the mark, the house has greater chances of air leakage resulting in energy loss.


Getting your home fixed is not an easy job, and certainly not something you can sign up for every other day. The pivotal thing to keep in mind is to find the windows that will last for a longer time. This means you cannot compromise on their quality. From sound reduction to thermal insulation, you have to be aware of what you’re buying. Do thorough research to look for names that have shown extraordinary quality over the years and have those installed. 


This is a technical feature that needs to be given a serious thought. The direction of your windows determines the amount of light entering in your space, ultimately defining the illuminance within your home. There is no right or wrong in choosing a direction as it mainly depends on a person’s preference. Whether you need a light, airy room or a cozy, dark one, you can opt for the window face according to your preferred style. 

Size & shape

Obviously, the larger the window, the more light will pour in. But it is wise to consider your interior design while selecting your window size. Aligning your roof windows with bathtub, kitchen top, or dining table will give a hint of symmetry and add elegance in the overall look of your space. 

When going for a home extension, it is vital to consider the number of windows you want to have to maximize daylight within your living space. 


It is advised to choose laminated glass to prevent any accidents. The toughened glass lamination comes with an increased risk of glass shattering because of higher impact. However, it all depends on what sort of living space you want to create. 

Your windows are the key to creating a warm, friendly environment in your home. Consider the above tips before installation to avoid unnecessary window replacements. 

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