7 Things to Do With Your Christmas Dinner Leftovers!

If you’re anything like us, you have tons of leftovers from all the Christmas gatherings stacked up in your fridge even now as you’re reading this post! We were definitely blessed with lots of food…more than two of us could handle, that’s for sure. But we get kind of creative with things. I thought I’d share with all of you!

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1. Eat them!

This is my husband’s suggestion, ha! And he’s doing a really good job on this one so far!) Seriously, if you’re leftover eaters in your home, then you’ve probably got this all covered. And I’m sure you’ll take care of them just fine within a week or two!

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2. Donate to your local shelter

Call them first and make sure they accept prepared food donations, but very few would refuse you, I promise! Even if you think it’s not enough, they may have a small class or group going on, and they’ll be able to give them all a full meal from your donation. Better to feed a few than throw away good food.

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3. Get creative

I take cranberry sauce and mix it with mayonnaise to make “Cranberry Mayo”. Then I take dinner rolls and slices of whatever meat we ate (turkey, ham, prime rib) and make sliders! Then you’ve used the cranberry sauce, rolls and meat in no time!

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4. Check with your neighbors

We have some elderly neighbors and a couple single neighbors who have yet to refuse a plate of food I’ve made for them. They love it! I mean, think about it: the single guy who lives next door to you didn’t cook his own Christmas dinner. Don’t you think he’d enjoy a home-cooked meal?

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5. Freeze it

I put whole dinners together in food storage containers and freeze them. On days when something unexpected happens, or when I just don’t feel like cooking (THOSE days are few and far between, ha!) I pull a Christmas dinner out of the freezer! I mean, seriously – what member of your family would turn a full Christmas dinner down in February?!


6. Soup and pie for all

No matter the favorite Christmas “meat” at your house (roast beef, ham, turkey) you can use all the leftovers so easily…in soups and pies! What about a nice ham and bean soup? Or a turkey pot pie? Or a roast beef stew?

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7. Breakfast!

Take that leftover ham and make a ham and cheese quiche for breakfast! Or how about some cranberry bread from that leftover cranberry sauce? Or potato pancakes from all those mashed potatoes!

And can I just tell you, if all else fails, you need to head over to Pinterest and type in “Christmas leftovers”. Trust me. You’ll be amazed.

What do YOU do with your Christmas leftovers?

20 thoughts on “7 Things to Do With Your Christmas Dinner Leftovers!

  1. I’m one of those singles who does not cook a large meal usually at all any more. I used to make stuffed cabbage and all the neighbors would smell it and come with their (empty) dish in hand!

  2. I didn’t have Christmas dinner this year. My Daughter did all the cooking… Whooo Hoooo!!. There wasn’t much left to do anything with…. but I like your idea of checking with the elderly neighbors.

  3. We rarely ever have leftovers from our Christmas dinner. When we do, it’s so little that we just eat them plain! This year I did repurpose some cranberry sauce though.

  4. I love a good cold sandwich made from holiday leftovers. Turkey and/or ham on a dark rye bread with cranberry sauce = delicious! work lunches and soups are the usual route here.

  5. We rarely have any leftovers! With the hubs, 2 sons, 2 sons-in-law, 4 grandsons – what leftovers? As I’m putting away the little bit of leftovers, I can hear them saying, “I call the turkey, I call the dressing . . . ”

    I do remember the year I made everyone’s favorite dessert and had tons of leftovers. I stopped the insanity the next year. These are all good tips for leftovers, especially about sharing with the neighbors.

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