5 Storage Solutions For Work-at-Home Excess Inventory

Both my hubby and I work from home. We share our fourth bedroom, which we’ve set up as an office. We each have our own separate work area inside the office, but thank goodness neither of us are working with anything that demands having lots of product on-hand. I’m just not sure where we would put all of that stuff!

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I imagine that work-at-home business owners often find a lack of space a big problem. It is especially bothersome when the business accumulates excess inventory. Finding a place to store these items is such a nuisance. Some people toss out old items or donate them to others, which costs money and time, especially considering alternative storage options exist. If your home isn’t equipped to handle all of the new items you’ve accumulated as a business owner, the many options for storage are sure to come in handy.

Rent a Storage Unit

Most business owners rent storage units to store their excess inventory. Units come in assorted sizes with some climate-controlled options available to protect sensitive goods. The units are accessible at any time, whether you need to retrieve items or add to what’s inside. Costs to rent a storage unit vary. If you live in Colorado, check out some Littleton storage units to help you with your storage needs. For a reasonable cost, you can get the room that you need to store everything you have.

On-Site Building

Sheds and garages provide space to store extra inventory. They continue offering space long after you’ve moved out of the goods. If you have the budget to build, this is a great long-term solution with versatile use. Cost to build on your property varies. Factors such as the type of structure, size of the structure, and building materials are a few that affect the cost. Apart from the versatility and long-term solution for many projects that building on your property offers, building on-site also keeps your inventory within arms reach.

Mobile Storage

If you do not own your home or do not have the money or desire to build on a garage or shed, a mobile storage pod is another option for your excess inventory. A mobile storage pod is placed on your property so it’s accessible at any time. Pods are rented from storage rental companies by the month depending on the size and number of pods, among other factors. You’ll never move the pod since the storage company handles this task whether you are renting or returning the pod.

Unleash Your Creativity

Baskets, totes, bins, and an array of additional storage items can help get excess inventory out of the way and help declutter the home. Take a look at the available storage options at the local home decor store and let your creativity run wild. It’s easy to find baskets and storage items in an array of designs so creating style as you store items in various locations around the home is easy. Search the internet for storage solution and decoration ideas for a bit of inspiration for your project.

Outsource Fulfilment

If your company earns enough revenue to pay for an outsourced fulfillment center, this is a great way to increase sales volume and decrease clutter in the house. In fact, an outsource fulfillment center takes care of most of the aspects of sales, from storing the goods to shipping to customers after they place an order. It reduces your workload when a fulfillment company is a part of the picture. The costs to use an outsourced fulfillment company varies with factors such as the volume of merchandise impacting the costs. It is a great idea for business owners with a budget.

Storage needs for excess inventory vary from one business owner to another; however, the ideas above offer solutions for almost every situation. Plan to accumulate excess inventory at some point in your business ownership. Do not toss out the goods when so many options for storage exist. No matter which storage solution you prefer, it offers a quick and easy way to keep your home and at-home business at its best.

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