5 Spring Colors that Will Revive Your Home

We can see why spring is one of the most loved seasons since it represents rebirth and renewal, while it’s also a sign that warmer days are ahead and summer is near. Spring has a way of representing new beginnings as the winter starts to melt away and flowers begin to blossom all around us. This is not just the perfect time for spring cleaning, this is also the perfect time to bring in the new. Whether it’s new pieces for your wardrobe, new furniture, or small accents for your home, here are the hottest colors for this spring!

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Bright yellow

Does it seem like you have seen pops of yellow when scrolling through your social media feed? If you have, that’s because yellow is this spring’s hottest color. Not your subtle yellow either, we’re talking bright yellow. Adding small hints of this color throughout your home will brighten up any room. Whether you add a large yellow flower arrangement to your coffee or dining table, yellow throw pillows to your sofa or chair, or small yellow lemon accents to your kitchen such as hand towels or by placing a handmade lemon bowl on your kitchen island from Vivid Hue Home, you’ll see a big difference no matter how big or small your touches are. 

French blue

This smokey gray-blue color is one of the most popular colors for interior designers this year. From bathroom and kitchen cabinets, to furniture such as chaises and even paint and wallpaper, this color is being used from the smallest detail in furniture to the largest areas in a home. This color will go with just about anything because of its grey undertone which is the trendiest color in interior design. Having the blue mixed in makes this color popular, especially with millennials looking to put a twist to an ordinary grey. This color is so loved, it’s even popular with wedding invitations and used as hints of decor in wedding ceremonies and receptions — making it the perfect color for any spring event. 

Burnt coral

This darker shade of orange-red is a punchy color that’s ideal for home accents such as vases, 

pillows, and even legs on furniture such as benches and chairs — it even works as hints on curtains. If you’re thinking about reupholstering any cushions, this may be a great color for an ottoman, a desk chair, or a headboard. This shade of coral pairs well with creamy white accents, for instance, a white crib in a nursery or a white desk in the office. Because this hue packs a lot of color, make sure to pair it with neutrals and even materials such as acrylic for a more subtle balance. 

Amethyst orchid

This bright, yet soft shade of purple has become popular not only in home interiors but also with high end designers such as Bottega Veneta. From dresses to heels to purses, this designer has us looking at the color purple in a new light. Because this color is so tranquil, it looks best in the bedroom. Whether it’s bedding, candles, curtains, or wall coverings, you cannot go wrong with using this color in your spring home-makeover. Even though this color is calm, it can pop against almost any monochromatic color. This is one of those colors that are safe yet playful so don’t be afraid to mix and match when playing with it. 

Fuchsia fedora

Looking for a hot pink that’s louder than life? Fuchsia fedora is all the pink you’ll need. Because this color is so loud, you’ll want to play with it a little before going big. Try adding small touches of detail in this color such as an orchid plant, lampshades, throw pillows, cushions, or blankets, and even an area rug. The best part about this color is that it pairs well with almost any color. The contrast against dark colors gives it an art-deco modern look, when paired with brighter lighter colors, it gives it a Parisian chic feel.  

If this list of colors seem completely out of your comfort zone, start small. After all, spring is supposed to be a season of new things and what better way to start than by adding a new color to your home!

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