5 Must-See Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up

We’re getting ready to go on a little vacation. Just a few days in peace down in Longboat Key, Florida, which is one of my favorite places in the world. We thought we’d take the chance to get away and celebrate our anniversary and have some time for just us before the babies arrive! 

We’ve actually been talking a lot about traveling here recently, because it’s something we love to do together, and how we hope the kids will love it, too! So when Carol from Click Intelligence sent me an article regarding a variety of places to take your kids traveling to, I was interested to see what was recommended. Check it out!

Kids grow up fast; everybody knows that, especially parents. So it’s important to take some to take your kids to see some amazing and unforgettable places whenever you can. These experiences will create memories that will last a lifetime, and they’ll help your children grow into well-rounded individuals who have a true appreciation for adventure, travel, spending time with family, and culture.

With so many great places to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options when you’re trying to figure out the perfect destination for your kids to see with you before they grow up. To help with this decision, check out the five must-see places below.

Las Vegas


Believe it or not, Las Vegas, Nevada is more than just a destination for adults. In fact, it’s a great destination for a family vacation, and your kids can experience a variety of fun activities both indoors and in the great outdoors. Plus, they’ll get to experience this thriving city, filled with culture and entertainment, from a fresh perspective, without being focused on the casinos that adults focus on.

Just a few of the many family-friendly activities that you can enjoy in and around Las Vegas include indulging in tasty treats and interactive activities at Hershey’s Chocolate World, which is a two-story destination that both kids and adults will love, GameWorks, CSI: The Experience, The Toy Shack, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, and Madame Tussauds, to name just a few.



Salem, Massachusetts is a quaint little town with a lot of history. Your kids will get a thrill out of this part of the country particularly during the Halloween season, when they can learn about the spooky ghosts that supposedly haunt the area, as well as the historic witch hunts that took place there centuries ago.

Beyond checking out attractions like the Salem Witch Museum, there is also plenty of delicious food to eat, including yummy New England cuisine, and you can also take a stroll through the streets to look at the shops and unique scenery. Historic buildings are found throughout the area, and you can take your kids to see what life was like many, many years ago.

If you’re planning on visiting on Halloween, just be aware that this city becomes loaded with tourists dressed up in their costumes, and it can even be difficult to walk through the streets once you do make your way into town, likely by public transportation unless you’ve already established yourself in a hotel in town.

The Grand Canyon


If you’re in search of something other than a city destination, consider taking your kids to the breathtaking Grand Canyon, which is located in northwestern Arizona. This is one of the most highly sought after destinations on the planet, and one of the top tourist attractions in all of the United States, so you definitely want to be sure your kids will get to experience it at least once in their lives.

When you get there, make sure that you do not merely stand and stare at the canyon. Make the most of your time there by biking along the South Rim. If you are not fans of biking, you can instead hike right into the canyon on a tour that will allow you to search for California Condors, lizards, fossils, and more.

Yellowstone National Park


Another amazing and unforgettable outdoor destination that is perfect especially for nature lovers is Yellowstone National Park, which is located in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. This is actually the country’s first national park, so it is also a historic destination. In addition to its naturally breathtaking landscape, you can view myriad species of wildlife while you are there.

One of the main attractions of Yellowstone National Park is its series of geysers. In fact, there is a higher concentration of geysers in this area than anywhere else in the world. Check out Old Faithful, which will shoot steam into the sky every 90 minutes.  

New York City


Taking your kids to New York City is another great idea, as they will be able to experience the many attractions throughout this amazing city before they become adults. Take them to museums, world-class restaurants, and to Central Park. You can also go shopping and look for popular landmarks, TV studios, and much more in the city that never sleeps.

With so many fabulous places to take your kids before they’re grown, your entire family is sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you ever taken YOUR kids to any of these locations?

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27 thoughts on “5 Must-See Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up

  1. Do you know I haven’t been to any of these places (forgive me I’m from the UK lol) but I would absolutely love to see them all – the Grand Canyon seems awe inspiring.

  2. These are great places to take the kids to! I love taking my kids to historical places, museums and places where they can simply learn while also having a great time! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I’ve been to a couple of these places and loved them. I worry about Las Vagus though, with children. Glad to know there’s other place to go.

  4. This is a great list. Back when I was pregnant with my oldest I made a list of places I wanted to take my kids while they were young. I think it’s important to give kids great experiences.

  5. I often think of all the experiences that I want my children to have and the places I want to visit with them before they grow up. I want them to have wonderful memories of their childhood.

  6. These are great places to go with your kids. I have always wanted to go to The Grand Canyon. It looks so beautiful there.

  7. My husband and I were thinking of taking a vacation with our girls in the Winter. We’ve been trying to think of places to go. Yellowstone is actually one of them that I was thinking about going to. I think it would be so beautiful to see.

  8. What a cool set of places!, i think we are going to head first for the grand canyon, its been a while since ive been there, it is so beautiful i love it!

  9. The Grand Canyon & Yellowstone National Park has been always one of my favorite destinations that I want to take my kids sometime soon. But Salem too sounds like a great place to visit as they could know a lot about the history of the place.

  10. Las Vegas is definitely an awesome place to bring your kids. Although let me just say that they don’t call Vegas “sin city” for no reason. 😛

  11. I can’t wait to be able to travel with my on. I’ve personally only ever visited NYC, so we would be visiting these places for the first time together. i never really considered Vegas as a family location, so it’s nice to know it has more to offer.

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