5 Expectations Your Home Cleaning Company Must Meet!

These days I feel like I’m constantly behind on things. Cleaning included. Anyone else with me? I feel like I get one area of my life caught up and nicely in order, but while I’ve been working on that, three more areas have burned to the ground! (A little bit of an exaggeration, but do you get what I mean?) When does it end?!

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Of course, there are ways we can all help ourselves catch up. It just depends on our current situation. For me, I’ve been thinking more and more about hiring someone to come clean our house.

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Now, don’t get me wrong: I’ve done this before. I used to get overwhelmed with cleaning certain areas of the house (like our huge walk-in tile shower) and call a cleaning service to come out and do it. But that was when I had tiny twins, was working part time, and I felt like I had justification to call a company. When I started staying at home with the girls last year, I figured I could handle everything myself, no problem. But let me tell you: with 2 2-year-olds around here all the time, it’s HARD! And hiring someone to come in and clean would be SO helpful!

Problem is, there are many cleaning companies on the market, meaning that picking just one can be quite a chore, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with this sort of business.

In order to make this job easier for you (and me!) I’ve contacted experts at White Lilac Cleaning to give us a little insight on what is important and what you need to look for when you want to hire apartment cleaning services in Wasilla AK, or anywhere else you live!


All companies offer a general price which can be modified depending on the size of a property and the amount of work required. These prices show only an estimate and would probably be altered when the work is finished.

You need a company that can send people to your home to make an appraisal of amount of work and staff needed, present different options, give advice and calculate the price and finally present the work plan.

The idea behind this is to have a transparent communication in which all parties have clear guidelines to finish the job efficiently and thoroughly.

Catalogue of services

Services differ from one company to another, but a general consensus is that there are 2 types; standard cleaning (including vacuuming, dusting, laundry…) and more thorough, deep cleaning usually for corporate spaces or first timers.

If this is the first you hire a cleaning company, the best way to start is to opt for a profound cleaning session and then establish regular monthly or weekly treatment depending on your necessities.


It’s important to know ahead whether the company provides cleaning agents and equipments, or customer needs to handle that themselves.

However you decide, the company needs to make their logistics policy transparent so that you can know if bringing your own equipment is an option.

Some people prefer to use their own chemicals to save money or just due to personal preferences.

Insurance and licence

Another measure of precaution is checking if the company provides a licence for their employees and if they are insured. There are companies who choose to neglect this in order to save money, and you shouldn’t risk hiring them.

Things can go wrong during the process of cleaning, and injuries, damage to property or even theft are always possible. In order to deal with this potential problem and and not empty your own pocket to cover the costs, you need to be sure you are picking the company with licensed and insured staff.

Assistance from the client

Some companies may require you to be present at the venue to be able to give assistance, provide information and express personal requests on the spot. This is not a norm, but you should be  present the first time the service comes so that you can show them around and give instructions.

This is also important if you have some special request on how you want certain objects to be handled, like exotic rugs and furniture. Granting the company this sort of insight is another step of making sure that the job would be completed properly and efficiently, and to leave a happy and satisfied customer who is sure to come back.

There are some fantastic points here! I didn’t even think to check insurance and license – and I used to work in the insurance industry! I’m slackin’! 

Have YOU hired someone to come in and clean YOUR home? What was on your list of expectations?

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