5 Creative Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Functional

Bathrooms tend to easily become messy and cluttered, especially if you don’t have a good storage system to rely on. Your bathroom should be a space where you can relax, unwind, do skincare, and indulge in the occasional candlelit bath. However, you don’t have to spend a whole heap of money on renovations to enjoy quality time with yourself. You can start with some minor changes that will instantly transform your bathroom into a more modern and spacious oasis. 

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Let’s discuss five creative ways to make your bathroom a more well-designed and relaxing place. 

  1. Enhance lighting

When it comes to making your bathroom look more functional, lighting is everything. Your bathroom is where you get ready every morning, and ‘unready’ at night. It’s almost like a sanctuary: recused and isolated from the outside world. You need to choose good lighting fixtures that will accentuate your bathroom’s features and divert attention from its flaws. 

Lighting can add so much depth when done right. For example, if you have low ceilings, steer clear of any hanging lights or chandeliers. LED mirrors are the perfect way to enhance lighting and make your bathroom look more spacious. They’re also a great focal point to have since they’re the first thing anyone’s going to notice when they come in.

2. Improve space

One of the key elements to focus on when you want to enhance your bathroom’s functionality is storage. And, to allow sufficient room for storage, you need to work around the space you have in a clever way. So how do you improve space?

  • Install shower door

Shower doors play a huge part in the look of your bathroom. Although you can install shower curtains, they’re usually not that flattering, nor visually appealing. If anything, they make space appear much smaller and cramped. A glass shower door is a great asset to have in your bathroom. It doesn’t disrupt the visual scheme, and it allows a more natural flow of light. 

At Fab Glass and Mirror, you can see a large selection of shower doors on their online store. Increase functionality of your bathing space with an inline glass shower door, or work the illusion of space with a frameless glass one. There are many readymade designs and coatings to choose from. Take your pick from fixed shower screens and neo angle to steam, metro sliding, and bypass sliding doors. 

Take your pick from fixed shower screens and neo angle to steam, metro sliding, and bypass sliding doors.  Don’t forget to install shower seals with your shower door. Shower door seal strips help to prevent water from spilling out from your shower area.

  • Install glass shelves – sleek and clean space

The last thing you need in your bathroom is dead space. Sometimes, you just have weird corners that won’t be able to fit anything so you leave them unused. Except you shouldn’t! Glass shelves come in all shapes and sizes so you can gain more storage space from even the most stubborn of angles. They’re much better than metal or wooden shelves, especially for a small and claustrophobic bathroom. 

Glass shelving units will help light flow well, they also don’t obstruct your view so the space looks much larger. You can always get creative with the way you want your shelf display to look like. If you enjoy that sleek modern interior design aesthetic, you can add some lighting strips underneath your shelves. For a rustic, shabby-chic look with element contrast, get a wooden bathroom accessory set to showcase on your glass shelves.

3. Perk up your storage accessories

Accessorizing a bathroom might seem simple, since it’s not as big a room as, for instance, your bedroom or living area. However, the devil is in the details. You want to accessorize enough that your bathroom looks nice, but not too much that it looks cluttered. So, here are some things to start with to make your bathroom more functional and elegant.

  • Hanging rods

Hanging rods are an ideal way to add more storage without cramping up the space. You can use hanging rods to hang towels or to hold hanging baskets that you can fill with bath products. They’re very versatile and serve multiple uses. So you can put them inside your shower, near your bathroom cabinets or above your toilet.

  • Bathroom accessory set – dig in some symmetry with style 

This is one of the basics, but a matching bathroom accessory set will truly transform your bathroom. Get a golden black marble set with a matching soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder and tumbler for that luxurious flair. Or get a bamboo set to add a touch of farmhouse elegance and natural beauty.

  • Fancy towel baskets 

If you have shelves with some empty gaps and you’re wondering what to fill them with, definitely use towels. Towels are a great way to “accessorize” with actual necessities. Fill up a wire basket with fancy-looking linens and put it on display. Now you’ve eliminated an entire space that needed to be decorated.

  •  Glam up  on your walls with adornments 

Wall decorations can be a lifesaver for you, especially when you’re running out of ideas. Get a wooden plaque with writing on it, or small chalkboards to hang. You can also put up wall art prints as decor. Just make sure they’re in a glass frame so they won’t get ruined by steam.

4. Bring some nature inside 

Plants can completely transform any shoddy room into a stunning space in a matter of seconds. Now if you don’t trust in your ability to keep plants alive, you might want to consider fake plants. Either way, just absolutely need that unique touch of nature in your bathroom. Add hanging plants for a Nordic design scheme or stick to potted cacti for that urban chic aesthetic. 

Bringing the outdoors in, it will give your bathroom that spa-like feeling. So when you shower, the first thing in the morning, you get a whiff of nature before you head out. If you have bigger plants, you could put them in your bathroom’s corners or between your sink and toilet. For smaller plants, scatter those throughout your shelves or window sill and near your soap dispenser.

5. Color and design make a big difference 

Color and design are two of the most important elements to make your bathroom look spacious and beautiful. Generally, you should always go for a minimalistic color scheme for bathrooms. So whites, creams, light beiges or any neutral colors are highly recommended. You don’t want any loud colors to make the decor look cluttered or confusing. Mixing and matching are not always bad, but in bathroom interior design, it’s definitely a faux pas. 

Warp up with bonus point 

You don’t want to mix urban elements with rustic, vintage, or farmhouse ones. Pick a theme and stick to it. If you’re going full-on contemporary, then glass and lighting are what you need to emphasize on. Keep the color palette a sleek white, and focus on gold or silver detailing. Just make sure your cabinets, bathtub, faucets, sink, and everything else match. For a pop of color, pick one wall to paint floor-to-ceiling in a vibrant shade of your choice. This will make your bathroom look more interesting without swallowing extra light.

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