5 Common Home Cleaning Mistakes

Whether cleaning the house is your personal torture or your favorite destressing activity, it might surprise you that you may have been doing it all wrong. Don’t worry—you’re not alone! Check out these 5 common home cleaning mistakes and learn how you can correct them to make your cleaning efforts much more effective.

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Starting at the Bottom

Lots of people start with sweeping and mopping the floors before moving upwards. Stop! This is a common mistake that does a pretty good job of shuffling dust around further in your home. As you begin to move upwards, cleaning the furniture and windows, dust can get pushed off and fall to the floors, which have already been cleaned. Instead, start cleaning from the top down, so that dirt and dust particles collect on the floor, where they will ultimately be collected in the last stage of cleaning.

5 Common Home Cleaning Mistakes


If cleaning isn’t your favorite weekend activity, there’s a good chance you speed through it to get it over with as quickly as possible. However, it’s worth it to slow down. A lot of cleaning solutions require a certain amount of time in order to work effectively. Read the label to determine how much time a product needs to soak on the surface before being wiped down. If you’re rushing, you might be interfering with a product’s ability to work!

Using Cleaning Products on Unsuitable Surfaces

Another common mistake is using a cleaning product on a surface it isn’t designed for. Some cleaning products include potent ingredients such as bleach, oil or chemicals. While these ingredients can be excellent cleaning agents for some surfaces, they can also be harmful to others. When a product is used on a surface it isn’t intended for, the consequences can be devastating. For example, a strong chemical-based cleaner meant for porcelain can have horrific effects on wooden furniture. Imagine the exquisite woodwork of an Amish bookcase being marred by chemical streaks. Mistakes like this require significant time and money to repair, and some pieces, like one-of-a-kind Amish furniture, are simply irreplaceable. Take the time to identify which cleaners are suitable for the surfaces in your home, and stick to those recommendations.

Using Dirty Equipment

Many people opt for the same equipment, such as a trusty rag or broom, to clean the house. While this may seem like a sustainable habit, it’s a terrible cleaning blunder! Cleaning tools, like sponges, mops, towels and brooms, can become a hotspot for bacteria and germ buildup over time. If you’re using the same equipment, be sure to give it a thorough scrubbing on a regular basis so that you aren’t spreading germs when it comes time to clean!

Overlooking Lurking Filth

A final home cleaning mistake consists of skipping certain spots entirely! Don’t forget these common places that are often neglected: cutting boards, vacuum cleaners, vents, washing machines and sinks. These spots see a lot of action, and when they aren’t cleaned regularly, they can be a haven for germs, bacteria growth and dirt buildup. Don’t give grime a place to lurk!

The next time you clean your home, be sure to remember these five common cleaning mistakes! And for more GOOD tips to keep you from making mistakes, visit www.homelization.com!

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