4 Painting Projects That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Typically I love me some good ol’ painting projects. Last month I decided to paint the girls’ room. No biggie, right? Seemed fairly simple. Except I had to work around everyone else’s schedule and ended up only being able to actually paint for about an hour a day. A week and a half later, I finally had a bedroom room with freshly painted walls. (Don’t ask me about the trim and doors – it’s still not done). At that point, my plan of repainting our home by “just painting one room at a time” went down the drain, and a call was placed to my friends who own a painting company. They’re on the schedule to come out and finish the rest of the house next week! Because painting is IMPORTANT, and it turns out…I HATE PAINTING.

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So when Daniel from PaintAccess Painting Guides contacted me and asked if I was interested in his article on various painting projects to keep your home bright, I definitely was – especially because I may add his suggestions to the list for my painter friends! Let’s see what he thinks…

When it comes to adding value to your home with painting projects, one of the rules of thumb to follow is that brighter is better. This doesn’t necessarily mean buyers are going to be attracted to a lime green dining room, but a nice, illuminated area does wonders for a space.

Brighter colors stimulate the mind, especially reds and yellows. When walls are painted lighter colors (but not too loud) they increase the dweller’s mood and also create the illusion that a room is bigger than it is (avoiding claustrophobia). There are also more decorating options available like floral canvas wall art which will add depth when the walls are painted with brighter hues.

If the colors in your home are starting to bring you down, or if you’d just like an upgrade to some lighter colors, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some painting projects to brighten up your living space.

Paint the Ceiling

Darker colors overhead make the ceiling look like it’s coming down on you and this gives the appearance that a room is smaller. Dark colors also absorb the illumination from a ceiling light instead of forcing it out into the room.

There are times when neutral or even dark colors are preferred on a ceiling and that’s when the room is really open and spacious. In layouts like this, brighter colors are really uninviting because it makes the area seem like a warehouse.

For smaller rooms though, bright colors on ‘the 5th wall’ have a way of pushing the ceiling upwards and give the illusion of more space than there actually is. Bright colors will also reflect that radiance from a ceiling light out into the room. Bright colors on a ceiling also provide great contrast in case the other walls are a darker color.

Paint Your Trim Work

There’s nothing quite like the warmth of oak door and window trim (and baseboards) to give a rich appearance to an area. That is, of course, unless the walls in your room are a dark red or brown so that the trim doesn’t even stand out.

If you’ve already bought furniture and decorated the space based on the wall color, one option to brighten the room is to paint the trim work brighter. White trim for example offers a great contrast to darker walls and creates a focal point in a room. Lighter trim has the added aesthetic benefit of allowing the grains and patterns of the wood to ‘pop’ better.

Painting the trim isn’t as hard as it may sound. Just put some masking tape on the floor, doors, and any other area that doesn’t need the new color and then go wild to get into all the deep grooves of the wood.

Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls aren’t the most traditional looking features in a home but they are a great way to brighten an area without painting the entire room. Backing up a bit, to ‘accent’ is to make one wall different from the others. It’s not always just a different color though as brick, wood, tile, etc. can be used to make an accent wall with proper surface preparation.

However, the easiest way to brighten a room by making one wall different is with color. If the color of your walls could currently be described as ‘blah’, then paint one an energizing bright shade.

Creating accent walls has the added benefit of opening up design options. Your oak armoire with the backdrop of a brown room just blends in. Paint one of the four walls teal, for example, and that armoire will really stand out against the canvas. The teal wall provides the opportunity for contrast but now the armoire flows with the style of the other brown walls and creates a theme.

Paint Your Cabinets

It doesn’t have to be just walls or ceilings (or trim) that are painted to make a room look brighter. In fact, any piece of darker wood (or metal, plastic, etc.) renovated to a brighter hue will bring life into a bland space.

One of the most popular painting projects is to give cabinets a facelift with a new color. A nice walnut or cherry cabinet is beautiful, but they are also the norm nowadays and kind of get overlooked. Visitors to your home are going to notice bright yellow cabinets on the other hand (add contrast with darker colored knobs and handles).

*It should be noted you don’t necessarily want to paint over new, expensive wood cabinets or trim if you want to retain as much resale value on your home as possible. Painting over older wood cabinets is a great project but when it comes to new ones, it’s like trying to ‘put the toothpaste back in the tube’ if you ever want to get back to wood.

One of the major themes of brightening a room with paint is to create a focal point. You’re not really ‘adding’ light to the room – only an actual light can do that. What these paint projects do is brighten the area as well as create the appearance that a space is lighter.

Author Bio

Daniel has been scrubbing down walls, cutting in lines and perfecting wall painting for many years through DIY techniques, since he first started working on fixing up his old family home. Home improvement has become a passion of his and his aim is to share tips and techniques with others. He is a writer for PaintAccess Painting Guides

These are fantastic ideas, thank you so much, Daniel!

How about YOU? Completed any painting projects lately? Do you paint your own home or do you call your neighborhood painters out? When’s the last time you had a fresh coat at your house?

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