4 Other Times You Should Hire a Pro for Home Projects

You already know that there are a few home maintenance and repair jobs that you will never be able to do.

Or perhaps there is a particular job you don’t care for. (For us, that was painting – NOT our favorite). Thankfully that’s a fairly simple job to accomplish by asking our neighbors to recommend painters in Brisbane, or wherever you happen to reside!

But things like your foundation and roof are simply too important for you to tinker with, and dangerous home projects concerning tree removal or electrical work are best left to the pros. However, most homeowners only think about outsourcing those tasks or projects that concern large or integral home systems — when in reality, most homeowners should be searching for a cost guide and contacting third parties much more frequently to perform a wealth of jobs for home upkeep, repair and improvement.

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Your job probably isn’t home management, so you shouldn’t be fussing over anything larger than small, day-to-day home maintenance. Here are signs that a certain job requires a professional handyman or some other service provider:

It Requires Special Skill

Some home projects require expertise obtained through education and extensive experience — and you probably don’t have that. Sure, you can use the web to hunt down thorough how-to articles and videos, but that 20-minute, self-guided instruction probably isn’t enough to prepare you adequately for the project ahead. If the resource you use skips any small step, you could severely damage your home or yourself, requiring higher costs for repair and negating any conceivable benefit of DIY.

A good example of a project that definitely requires a professional is a home addition. Even if you are only adding a bedroom or a similar space that doesn’t require plumbing, there are hundreds of codes that you need to follow to ensure the structure stays standing safely. For a complex job like this, you should hire a contractor — you should never try to DIY.

It Requires Special Tools

Then again, some jobs are pretty straightforward — if you have the right tools. The success of many DIY projects is heavily dependent on the tools you have at hand; if you cobble together your materials instead of buying and using exactly what is right, you’ll end up with a lower-quality result. For example, if you are trying to rip up a cracked concrete driveway, you should use a jackhammer; using a quick fix like a concrete drill or a manual hammer and chisel will take more time and energy to accomplish the same goal.

Professionals typically have the best possible tools for the job, and even more importantly, they know how to use those tools. Thus, you don’t have to risk life and limb clambering onto a jackhammer without proper training; you can (and should) simply hire an expert to do it for you. 

It Will Take Too Much Time

Time is your most valuable resource. It might not seem like it, considering how much you waste watching TV or zoning out in work meetings, but the truth is that your time on Earth is limited, so you shouldn’t spend too much of it doing jobs that don’t matter. This is especially true if you have a lucrative career, where every hour away from your desk is a big dollar lost — would you rather earn several hundreds of dollars at work, or would you rather spend several days painting your house?

Time-intensive projects don’t have to require special skills or tools to be worthy of outsourcing. Painting is a good example: Nearly anyone can paint, but larger rooms will take at least a full day to finish, if not more. You can hire a professional painting service to finish this task while you do other things, but you can also hire a general handyman for painting work. 

It Is Dangerous

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: You shouldn’t do projects that put your health at risk. No home improvement is worth your life or limb, so projects that deal with electricity, plumbing or structural elements of your home are best left to professionals. As mentioned before, if you harm yourself in a DIY, any small benefit of doing the work yourself is instantly negated. Not only do pros have experience to reduce the threat of certain projects, but they have appropriate insurance to keep them safe should the unthinkable happen.

There are jobs you can safely do yourself — but there are jobs you shouldn’t feel bad about outsourcing. It’s important that you know the difference, so you can get the most bang for your buck in home improvement. 

What’s the last job around your home you hired a professional for?

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